Is Felicity Smoak Single IRL?

Anyone who is a fan of The CW's Arrow is a sure fan of computer genius Felicity Smoak, and also probably a huge fan of Emily Bett Rickards. As viewers of the series know, Felicity and Oliver drove off into the sunset during the Season 3 finale. However, that doesn't really answer another question some might have: is Emily Bett Rickards single/driving off into the sunset, too? Well, get excited my fellow Felicity lovers, because it looks like the actress just might have her own Olicity ship going on in real life — and one with another Arrow co-star.

According to many Instagram photos shared by Rickards and Colton Haynes (Roy Harper/Arsenal), it looks like the two might have quite the love connection. First things first, if you haven't checked out their photos, then log onto Instagram, stat, because their cuteness is something we all need in our lives.

To be clear, the two actors have yet to confirm they are a real-life couple, but seeing as they travel all the time, take super sweet pics, and call each other by adorable nicknames, that must mean they are boyfriend and girlfriend, right? If not, then I guess Rickards and Haynes have a super-close friendship, which is just as fantastic as if the two are really dating.

Until they actually say, "Yeah, we're dating and we know we are the cutest celeb couple around," we'll just have to stare at their pics, bask in their adorable qualities, and continue to convince ourselves that they're are 100 percent dating, aka making many Arrow fans' dreams come true. If you were hoping that Rickards and Stephen Amell would be a real-life thing, well, get over it, because Amell is married. Now it's time to focus on Felicity and Roy dating, which is equally as amazing.

With all of that said, in a 2014 interview with Refinery 29, Rickards said she was single. She revealed, “I am working more. I'm a little tired, but I like being tired. I am single. I have a dog." The actress added, "I date. I'm just so busy all the time.” Seeing as this was in 2014, there's a good chance that her dating life has changed substantially and that she is definitely dating someone... like Haynes. Or, who knows, maybe someone completely different!

Until we know for sure, I leave you with these several candid shots from Rickards and Haynes, and you can decide for yourself: