*NSYNC's Best Dance Moves, Ranked

Once upon a time, there was a young, Total Request Live-obsessed maiden who, after repeat viewings, memorized the dance moves from *NSYNC's "Pop" music video. Every time she heard Justin Timberlake let the audience know he is "tired of singing" (well, every time the video played while she was watching MTV by herself, that is. She was far too shy to perform the routine in front of an audience), the young maiden would hop up from her couch, stand in front of her television set, and dance alongside the boy band (and Wade Robson). She wasn't a particularly great dancer, but darn it all if she didn't put her heart into those 33 seconds of choreo.

Yes, that young maiden was me. Alas, so much has changed since then; if I were to try to do the "Man, I'm tired of singing" dance break now, I’d inevitably wind up stuck in Child’s Pose.

My boy band dancing days may be long behind me, but do you know what will never die? My appreciation of the choreography featured in *NSYNC's music videos. Another thing that will never die? My love of ranking things. You know where I'm going with this, right? You saw the title of this post, right? You know I did the unthinkable, right? You know I'm about to rank my favorite *NSYNC music video dance moves, right?

I will share the Official *NSYNC Music Video Dance Moves Rankings with you in just a moment, but first, the videos from which I pulled the moves that make up this list:

“I Want You Back” (Germany)

Album: *NSYNCYear released: 1996

"Here We Go"

Album: *NSYNC

Year released: 1997

"I Want You Back" (U.S.)

Album: *NSYNCYear released: 1998

"Tearin' Up My Heart"

Album: *NSYNCYear released: 1998

"Bye Bye Bye"

Album: No Strings AttachedYear released: 2000

"It's Gonna Be Me"

Album: No Strings AttachedYear released: 2000


Album: CelebrityYear released: 2001

Here we goooooooo! It's the Official *NSYNC Music Video Dance Moves Rankings:

#28: The Everyone Do Whatever

Do I understand what's happening here? No. No, I don't. But I'm not mad at it.

#27: The Pop Life

I love this hand gesture and do it every time I hear "Pop," but if we're being honest, it's barely a dance move.

#26: The Robot Flail

Pew pew pew pew pew pew!

#25: The Point 'n' Slice

This move is nice, but it falls flat when compared to the "Bye Bye Bye" Buh-Bye, Loser move.

#24: The Point 'n' Wiggle

Ooh, I always appreciate a good leg wiggle.

#23: The Single Leg Melt

The cool, calm, and collected cousin of the leg wiggle.

#22: The Go Where The Music Takes You

If you feel like jumping, go for it. If you'd rather just shuffle downstage, go for it. Listen to the music, listen to your heart.

#21: The Rapid Fire Arm Point

Careful! You might shoot someone's eye out with those guns.

#20: The Angry Starfish

A pair of overalls will only complement this move.

#19: The Knee Knead

It's as if you're kneading dough with your fists AND your knees. How efficient!

#18: The Gotta Shake This Bee Out Of My Pant Leg & Step On It

Works every time.

#17: The Don't Rock Your Body Right

This isn't Backstreet's back, alright?

#16: The Don't Stop Slithering

Who cares if you're the only one wiggling like a snake?

#15: The Let Spirit Of The Air Guitar Takes Over Your Body

Become one with the guitar riff.

#14: The Invisible Marionette Strings

Just because you can't see them doesn't mean the strings aren't there.

#13: The Ground Grind

If only holding Plank in Pilates class was this fun.

#12: The This Must Be Pop

Yet another move from the "Pop" music video that I do every time I hear the song.

#11: The Swivel Chair

Can't stand... to look... at... the... desk... a second... longer.

#10: The Oops I Super Glued My Legs Together

"Don't mind me as I propel myself across the room with my arms."

#9: The Ohh, My!


#8: The Dino Hug

Let those T-rex arms embrace you.

#7: The Kangaroo Song

It's a move Julian "Frankenstein" McGrath could get behind.

#6: The Elephant Trunk Arm Swing

If you feel compelled to let out an elephant trumpet sound, you go right ahead. That's what the dance floor is for.

#5: The Knock On The Door Like You Mean It


#4: The Buh-Bye, Loser

ICONIC, part two.

#3: The Sky Dancer

Who needs the ground when you can dance in the clouds?

#2: The Action Figure

I mean.

#1: The Puppet Toe Tap

I can't stop staring.

Images: NSYNCVEVO/YouTube (24); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (24); whatsmyjenesaiquoi, nsyncishere, thisiswhtrocknrolldoes2youdaddy, nsyncgifs/tumblr