Chrissy Teigen Covers 'Du Jour' Mag With John Legend, Reveals She'll Probably Be "Pregnant For The Rest Of My Life"

Naked bums, beaches, and babies? That sounds about right when it comes to this couple. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend cover Du Jour magazine's latest issue and it's pretty revealing, in every way. The couple engaged in some serious PDA, dished on how they feel about having a family, and relaxed on the beach to play music, baby goats included.

The 29-year-old supermodel Chrissy Teigen and singer hubby John Legend posed together for a tropical cover shoot with Du Jour magazine, and the results are exactly what we've come to expect from this power couple: gorgeous and sexy. In one pic, John is in-between Chrissy's legs, in another they're smooching in the ocean, and even cuddling in the grass.

For some reason, a baby goat serves as their sidekick for most of the shoot. Hinting at some "kids" in the near future? (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.) Still, I think the answer is "probably."

"We want a lot of kids," Teigen said. "I would love to have three or four of my own, and then adopt a few. So basically I'll be pregnant the rest of my life." Although it sounds like a big statement, Teigen and Legend are already loving parents to three dogs, one of which was a rescue. That said, this natural inclination to be a super mom seems totally on par for Teigen.

That all said, it's quite obvious she isn't pregnant (yet). Teigen frolicked, completely nude, in the waves for her shoot. Aside from her killer body, it was obvious she was having a blast. That's what we love most about Teigen: her smile, humor, and confidence. Think that will fade with pregnancy? Think again. Teigen is a body positive icon, so it's no surprise that she is unfazed by the thought of carrying around some extra weight.

"You look at Kim [Kardashian] and see how women's bodies just become so beautiful," she said. "[The thought] of getting boobs thrills me. And John looooves pregnant women, so..."

Atta girl. Teigen also talked about her thoughts on motherhood, saying, "I feel like sometimes when people give birth, they give birth to a tiny part of their brain. Whatever they thought they would be goes out the window and they kind of lose their minds."

She also had a very, very strong opinion when it comes to babies and social media. "I am 1,000 percent not going to have an Instagram account for my baby. It will not have a hashtag. If I have a hashtag for my baby, just kill me," she said.

Check out the rest of the images from the shoot.