Joey From 'Friends' Was A Secret Genius And This Chart Will Prove It

Friends gave us many things over the course of its ten-year run on television. One of its most lasting legacies is the plethora of quotable dialogue delivered to us by our favorite coffeehouse crew. Each of the Friends had something special to add to the show. Chandler provided us with many a sarcastic quip; Phoebe always amused us with her eccentricities; and Joey... well, Joey gave us some heartfelt, if misguided, words of wisdom to live by. Though Joey might not be the brightest crayon in the box, there were many Joey-isms that were actually pretty genius.

Joey's biggest strength was his ability to pick up women. His iconic "How you doin'?" inspired young men everywhere to try it out on unsuspecting women. Though Joey is most credited with gifting the world this landmark phrase, Joey's wisdom carried over to other areas of life as well.

As with most things in life, the genius behind Joey's words of wisdom are not black and white, rather, they fall onto a spectrum. To demonstrate the range of Joey's knowledge, I thought it prudent to display some of his wisest words in the form of a chart. Soak it in, let Joey's words inspire you, and prosper.

Images: NBC; Bustle