Azealia Banks Will Star In A New Musical Drama & It’s Nice To See Her Keeping The Drama Onscreen

Azealia Banks is known for many things. She is known for her music, yes, but more than that, she is know for being just a tad tempermental. I couldn't name you an Azealia Banks song off the top of my head right now but I could tell you at least three celebrities she has publicly feuded with in the past year. In an exciting career move, though, it looks like she is finally putting distractions aside, as Azealia Banks will star in upcoming musical drama It Doesn't Have to Rhyme, directed by rapper RZA.

It's a delightful change to see Azealia Banks focusing on her career for a change and the musical drama itself doesn't sound too bad either. Banks will star alongside rapper Common, Jill Scott, and Lorraine Toussaint in a story about a young rapper who falls in love with slam poetry.

The film begins shooting later this week in New York and will debut at some point in 2016. I'm excited for the film, as it seems to have quite a bit of talent attached to it. Even more than that, though, I'm excited to see Azealia Banks refocusing on what's important and reminding us why she's famous in the first place.

She's Getting Back to Her Roots

Azealia Banks got her start in musical theater. She began performing off-Broadway musicals with the Tada! Youth Theatre in Lower Manhattan at the young age of ten and later trained at the LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts. Banks eventually gave up her acting pursuits for her music career but It Doesn't Have to Rhyme melds her two passions and it's great to see her get back to her roots.

She's Bringing Us a New Type of Drama

Instead of engaging in nasty feuds on social media, this diva seems to finally be growing up and keeping the drama where it should be — onscreen. Good for you, Azealia! I'm happy to see this new side of her.

We Forgot How Talented She Is

With all of the drama that constantly surrounds her, it's easy to forget just how talented she is. It'll be so great to see her in her element and get to appreciate both her voice and her acting skills and not just her penchant for drama.

The Film Actually Sounds Pretty Great

It Doesn't Have to Rhyme has been described as having a tone similar to 8 Mile and tells the tale of a female rapper, played by Banks, who enrolls in college, enters a poetry course, and ends up falling in love with slam poetry. Sign me up for presale tickets, please.

She Knows How to Bring the Drama

We all know Azealia knows how to bring drama to literally just about any situation and, in this case, we're actually happy about that. If Banks can bring to the big screen the amount of drama she reguarly brings to our Twitter timelines, this is going to be an awesome film. It looks like Banks has finally figured out how to channel her dramatic side for good and I couldn't be happier for her.

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