You Need These Lesser-Known Apps In Your Life

There are mainstream apps out there that even your grandma knows about, but there are also a bunch of cool apps that you didn't know you needed. How do I know this? Because, like, half of the guys who chat me up in bars don't "technically have jobs right now" but are "working on developing a really cool app." And also I am suffering from a curse that causes me to think computer science majors are really nerdy-cute. Jesse Eisenberg is my celebrity crush, OK?

But back to apps. There are apps that help you meet your goals, apps that help you sext, and even apps that will respond to your texts for you. Honestly, there really is an app for almost everything out there. So, why do I only really use Snapchat and Instagram? Well, aside from the obvious answer that I like taking and sending gratuitous pictures of myself, the truth is, I'm really not all that up to date on the cool new apps.

Wow. I have never written a sentence that made me feel quite so much like an old person. I'm 20, guys — I promise. I'm not catfishing you all. Anyway, in an effort to increase my technological savvy, I took to Reddit (see, an old person wouldn't know what Reddit is! I'm hip!) to see what the real cool kids think is exciting in the app world. Luckily for me, a Redditor who goes by the name AdamSC1 posed an enormously relevent question this morning: Reddit, what lesser known apps can't you live without?

The answers keep pouring in, so you can keep up to date on the feed, but I read through the existing answers so you don't have to (seriously, you're welcome). Here are eight apps that you probably don't know about that are actually super cool.

1. Find Out Where To Watch That Thing You Want to Watch

How did I not know about this? Can I Stream It? checks all your streaming sites so you don't have to check Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and a million other sites just to watch Gilmore Girls (FYI, it's obviously on Netflix).

2. Turn Your iPhone Into a Massager *Wink*

Sexy Vibes turns your phone into a massager (AKA a vibrator — they just can't say it on the App Store page itself). Unfortunately, it's only available for Android phones, but you can also get the iVibe, which is basically the same thing for iPhones.

3. Learn How Much Water You Really Need

Water Your Body calculates the amount of water you should really be drinking based on your weight and energy level, and then reminds you throughout the day to stay hydrated. The best part is that you get trophies when you meet your goals.

4. Stop Waiting On Hold

There is nothing more excruciated than waiting on hold. Even childbirth is less painful, or so I'm told. So Fast Customer does it for you (waits on hold, not births your children). Just put in the name of the company you want to talk to, go about your daily life, and then get a phone call when there's a customer service agent available.

5. Find Out How Much Your Company Pays You to Poop

Poop Salary has you input your salary and then times you while you poop, so you can calculate exactly how much money your company has spent on you in the bathroom. I can't decide if the people who developed this are geniuses or 6th graders. Perhaps both?

6. Split Uneven Bills And Pay Your Friends Back

Cost Split is an app that finally makes it OK to be the person who's like, "bBt my salad was $1.30 less than everyone else's, so we can't split evenly."

7. Translate From Pictures

Take a picture of a menu, a road sign, or a love note, and Word Lens will translate it into another language for you. C'est magnifique.

8. Know When A Good Time To Pee During A Movie Is

So important for those of us with small bladders. RunPee alerts you when you won't miss anything big during a movie, and provides summaries for the minutes you were away.

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