Little Mix Gave "Pretty Girls" To Britney & Iggy

In the short time since Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea's "Pretty Girls" hit the Internet, it's already become a hit for the pop star and the rapper. (Seriously, the world can't stop chanting "We're just so pretty!") It's hard to believe that Little Mix passed on "Pretty Girls" when they had the song first, considering what a runaway success it turned out to be. OK, everyone, take a moment and breathe. Yes, it's true that Little Mix could have lent their four incredible voices to the song. Why, why, why would they scrap it?

“We’ve been away a while because we wrote an album, sat with the record label and we thought, ‘Nope, it’s not good enough’,” Jesy Nelson told the Sun. “We recorded a whole album but we’re perfectionists and knew we could do better. So we scrapped it and started again.”

Sadly, the song was not fated to be Little Mix's. Jade Thirlwall explained that ultimately they had to let the track go. (Sniffle.) “We wrote it with Maegan Cottone, who we’ve written a lot of this album with,” she said. “We loved the song but it wasn’t really for us so we put it out there and, lo and behold, Britney wanted it.”

Just because "Pretty Girls" wasn't for Little Mix isn't stopping me from pondering what their version sounds like. From vocals to the video, we're willing to bet it took on a whole new life.

Let's start off with the obvious: Little Mix would lend four voices to the product, while Spears and Azalea bring less than half that. That's definitely not a con, but it does re-shape the song. I'm willing to bet LM's rich vocals make for a fuller sound — more Beyoncé than Charli XCX.

As for the accompanying visual, it's hard for me to picture the always-stylish ladies of Little Mix rocking campy '80s fashion, although they could totally pull it off. After seeing the fierceness of the all-black "Salute" video, I imagine that Little Mix would have taken an edgier, less pastel route with the looks for their "Pretty Girls" video. (Unfortunately, that's a visual that will never come to life.)

One thing that Little Mix have in common with Spears and Azalea is unfaltering confidence. I love a good girl power moment, and "Pretty Girls" is full of them. While Little Mix's "Pretty Girls" is likely to remain on the cutting room floor, never to see the light of day, it's probably wrought with the same self-empowerment found in so many of their songs. Speaking of self-assured singers, Spears and Azalea totally bring confidence in their version, which plays a part in the success of the song.

As much as we love Spears and Azalea's take on "Pretty Girls," there's a part of me that's super bummed that the world never hear Little Mix's take. It seems there's only one solution: Little Mix need to team up with Spears and Iggy on one fiercely feminist, empowering collaboration.

Image: YouTube