This Is What Millennials Think About Squirting

It's an age-old question pondered by our ancestors for generations: Is squirting overrated? The query has stumped philosophers since the beginning of time — or, well, at least since the first woman found her ladybits taking a cue from Old Faithful, and the obsession with female ejaculation doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. The female orgasm is still perceived as a mysterious phenomenon even in the modern day, probably because people do stuff like banning female ejaculation in porn, and as a result, nobody knows for sure why women squirt, or even what the fluid is made of. According to some researchers, female ejaculate is produced in the Skene gland, aka the female equivalent of a prostate, but a more recent study says squirting is actually just made up of urine. You can guess which is the more popular theory — people still talk about how gross it is that women might pee during sex, even though that particular study came out in January of this year.

But enough about what scientists have to say. What do the people who are out there on the front lines think about the subject? That's the question that Elite Daily answers in their latest episode of "Generation whY," and just like the scientific community, there wasn't exactly an outpouring of agreement (sorry).

<img width="724" alt="xpost animated GIF " src="" height="352" class="article-body-image" title="Image:"/>Some people were pretty chill about the subject. "Dudes have been squirting for centuries," shrugged one participant in the video. "Pee and sperm... What's the big deal?" Another described it as "kinda awesome and gross at the same time." Others, however, were significantly more enthusiastic. "I have experienced squirting a lot... Yes, it's great," said one woman, later adding that "if a guy gets mad at me [for squirting]... it's your fault."

Oddly enough, men as a whole seemed to be even more into the idea than women in the video. "I get her going off like a busted fire hydrant, come on. That's a compliment to me," explained one man, and another agreed. "If you're a guy and you don't want a girl to squirt on you, there is something wrong, because that is incredible," he said.

Of course, one guy was grossed out by the idea. "I think if you're a squirter, you should at least give me a weather forecast," he said. "It's awesome... [but] also gross, because I feel like you're peeing on me."

To each their own, although that last guy does have a point about warning your partner before you drench them in body fluids. Maybe one day society will advance to the point where women can act out my favorite suggestion from the video: putting "squirter" on their resume. Check out the video below:

Images: Elite Daily/YouTube, Giphy