Will Dany & Daario Be A Canon OTP In The Books?

There are a lot of OTPs (one true pairings) on Game of Thrones, whether you're busy shipping characters that actually do pair off in the books, or character parings that the show has suggested to us. One of these is the OTP of Daenerys and Daario. He loves her, she loves him, we love them together. However, a lot of this is thanks to the show and how their storyline has slowly unfolded, especially as of late in Meereen. But, don't forget, Game of Thrones was a book before it was ever a hugely successful TV show. So, is there anyway George R. R. Martin would write Dany and Daario as OTP? Is there a way for us to at least suggest that he should? Because, listen, that'd be amazing.

The best thing about a Dany and Daario OTP is that it really could happen in the books. Why's that? Oh, you know, because Martin isn't done writing them. He's still toiling away with The Winds of Winter, and eventually after that, A Dream of Spring. So yeah, it's possible that Dany and Daario could become that OTP of our dreams, because their story hasn't finished yet.

Unfortunately, Martin hasn't shown any indication of pairing those two off for good in the books (aside from their torrid love affair), but he should really think about it. So Martin, if you're listening to us, here are a few reasons why you really should make this OTP happen forever.

I'm Asking Nicely

I'm not going to go all crazy-fangirl over this, but I really think it should happen. I'm not about to mount a full-fledged campaign over this, but I am going to ask, please?

Their Storylines Are Still Intertwined

On the show, these two are still very much together (even though Dany's currently betrothed to someone else). In the books, they're still sort of together, so here's that spoiler warning for anyone who's not caught up on their reading. In A Dance With Dragons, Dany disappears with her dragon, Drogon. Meanwhile, Daario had recently just been given to Yunkai as kind of a hostage, and also to show Dany's peacekeeping ways. Little bit weird, I know. But when Dany disappears, Daario is released. Don't you kind hope that he finds her again?

Because I'm Scared Daario's Gonna Die

Ever single Game of Thrones episode, I'm scared Daario's going to die, because Season 5 is killing everyone off left and right. But if Martin joins Dany and Daario's stories together again, then he has to stay alive, right? Both in the books, and on the show. An OTP is powerful enough to do that. (The power of positive thinking.)

And Because I Want Dany To Be Happy

Is that so much to ask for the Mother of Dragons? Daario seems to make her happy. And to take a line from Selena Gomez, "the heart wants what it wants," you guys. Let's not deny her that. She deserves a win.

If This Daario Fan Theory Is True, That'd Be Amazing

Everyone's got their own Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones theory, right? Well, there's one out there on the internet that suggests that (spoiler, I guess) Daario is actually Benjen Stark. So, wouldn't a union between a Targaryen and a Stark unite a billion sides? Could this be why Daario joined up with Dany so quickly anyway? Anyone object to this idea? Speak now, or forever hold your peace.

I Need One Semi-Happy Ending

When all is send and done at the end of this saga, I imagine most people will be dead. So through all of that, I need just one couple to have survived it all to show me that there's hope for the future of Westeros and Essos and that winter came and it sucked, but look at this love! Basically, I need this to happen. We all need this to happen.

Martin, are you there? Cool, so now that you're done reading this, you can go back to typing. Thanks for listening!

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