13 Ways To Deal With A Bad Haircut

A while ago I tested out a fun (and slightly addictive) new app. The result? I'm now learning how to deal with a bad haircut. If you're wondering how an app caused my bad haircut, it'll all make more sense in a second. The app, called ModiFace, allowed me to try on different makeup and hair looks virtually. Because of the app, I discovered that I loved how I look with bangs — well, that's what I thought at first, anyway. When I actually did the deed and went for the big cut, the end result wasn't quite so great. The app is great for when everyone wants to try new hair colors or cuts (and, apparently, join the ever-growing lob squad). Unfortunately, IRL it is just not the same. Now I'm in the painful process of dealing with the bad haircut. But I will get through this. I have to get through this.

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The haircut is no one's fault but my own. After I saw the virtual makeover on my phone, I took a screenshot and sent the picture to my hairstylist asking her opinion. She responded with "Love it! We have to try next time :)" See? She even added the encouraging smiley face. I was all for it. I also showed family and friends the picture of me sporting Bella Thorne's hairstyle from the movie premiere of John Carter and everyone encouraged me to take the risk as well. So I took the plunge.

And, of course, now I passionately do not like my bangs. My hair, it turns out, isn't as thick as Thorne's, and my bangs are wispy, transparent, and get caught in my eyelashes. All. The. Time. It's just not a good situation, guys. Yes, I loved how they looked in the picture, but I can't stand how they look IRL. It's every girl's worst nightmare. So, to help you (and me), I've created a guide of 13 ways to deal with a bad haircut. Because if we haven't all been there already, it's bound to happen eventually.

1. Wash Your Hair

You never really know how a hairstyle looks until you start from scratch and try it yourself. I firmly believe stylists actually go to Hogwarts and develop magical hair powers, which is why we can never make our hair look the same as when it's freshly cut. Wash it and try to style it yourself to get the best hair possible.

2. Breathe. And Look in the Mirror.

First of all, one bad haircut certainly does not make you ugly. One bad haircut also does not change anything else about your appearance. You're still beautiful and have those long eyelashes, amazing cheekbones, and/or full lips everyone envies.

3. Wear Hats More

If you really can't even with the cut and are too embarrassed to wear your hair down, now is the perfect time to become a hat person. With summer floppy hats more popular than ever this year and baseball caps acceptable year round, your new haircut could easily be an opportunity to try sporting the hat you always wanted to try.

4. Let Bobby Pins Become A Way Of Life

Even though bobby pins have a way of disappearing before our very eyes (really, though, where do they all go?), you can use the little tools to create some pretty neat hairstyles — no hair tie or hair length necessary.

5. Try New Styles

Unfortunately, you're stuck with this cut until your hair grows out. Make the best of it by trying new styles, products or tools. Don't be afraid to dust off the crimper that's been hiding under your bathroom cabinet for a decade.

6. Master The Top Knot

Placing a bun on top of your head is basically the solution to everything. If you still have the length, try to perfect the top knot, messy bun, or the ballerina bun to disguise a less-than-perfect haircut.

7. Become BFFs With Headbands

Big headbands look great on everyone and can cover up those annoying short layers that simply won't reach all the way to your bun.

8. Eat Your Vitamins

According to LIVESTRONG, gelatin makes your hair grow faster and healthier. Surprising, right? Beauty blogger Michele Phan has debunked the myth that literally eating just Jell-O will make your hair grow, so don't try that, guys. A healthy, balanced diet (with vitamins promoting natural hair growth) is key.

9. Step Up Your Accessory Game

This is more of a distraction mechanism, but who's to say your crush won't notice your chunky necklace or statement earrings before he/she notices your bangs? Also, retail therapy always helps.

10. Embrace The Style

Don't knock the cut until you try it. After you wash your hair and style it yourself, at least sport it around town for a day. Get the public's reaction and maybe the cut will grow on you, too! Change is always difficult to get used to, especially when it comes to your appearance.

11. Don't Be Afraid Of Hurting Your Stylist's Feelings

If you don't like the cut, tell your stylist. It's not going to hurt her feelings and she can even learn from your style. In my case, my hairstylist did a great job with the cut, I just didn't like it! Now we both know to never try bangs again.

12. Braids Are Best

Braids > everything. If you haven't mastered French braiding or the fishtail braid yet, now is the time. You can have bangs, layers, or length with a good braid style.

13. Celebrate The Good Hair Days

As you're trying new styles or watching your hair grow back out to its norm, remember to remain optimistic. Maybe even get a little too excited about when you love the way your hair looks. Every reason is a good reason to have a mini-dance party.

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