7 Social Media Sirens With Epic Mermaid Style

Mermaids are hugely in right now. They have flooded popular culture — from books to movies — and now there are mermaids on Instagram. Obviously mermaids have been gracing pop culture for a long time, but arguably the last time they were at their peak was when they were thrust into the limelight with Disney's The Little Mermaid in 1989.

A few years prior to The Little Mermaid, there was the live action movie Splash starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah and several live action TV series, such as the Australian show H2O: Just Add Water. Mermaids segued back into animation in an array of Japanese anime series and movies such as Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch and more recently Ponyo by Studio Ghibli, which is a new take on The Little Mermaid tale.

There are also tons of great mermaid novels out there, too, my favorite so far being the Waterfire Saga . However, the mermaid adaptation I am most looking forward to is Sofia Coppola's live action interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, which is sure to be dark, beautiful, and intriguing.

Nowadays, humans even want to look like a mermaid or have mermaid hair, and you can even go to mermaid school — where do I sign up?

So if you want mermaid inspiration at your fingertips (a.k.a. on your phone), follow these magical mermaidens on Instagram for your daily dose of mermaid style...

1. The Modern Mermaiden

If you imagine a modern mermaid "doing an Ariel" and giving up her fins forever for a chance to be a human, Kailey Flyte would be that girl. She is a huge Instagram hit, with over 100,000 followers, and it's easy to see why. Flyte posts super pretty pics of herself dressed in whimsical, feminine clothes and sporting her cotton candy pink mermaid hair. Her Instagram account boasts a gorgeously seamless aesthetic of pastel-hued, well thought out snaps that come together effortlessly — she makes me want to completely scrap my Instagram and start over.

Flyte's style is a fabulous combination of a powder pink Wednesday Addams, Barbie, and Ariel. She showcases eclectic clothes and accessories, and I literally want everything she wears.

I love that her account aptly named "Mermaidens" has an almost vintage/kitsch vibe and she often posts really delicious yet pretty looking food pics. If Flyte doesn't inspire you to dye your hair pink, no one will.

2. The Mermommy

The super cute Mermaidaubrie posts rainbow pictures of herself and her gorgeous baby Ocean. The two are often seen dressed as mermaids, supporting causes close to their heart or adventuring.

You can tell that Mermaidaubrie is such a beautiful person inside and out just by flicking through her feed. It is obvious that she wants to make the world a better place for her daughter to grow up in.

Mermaids and all of the creatures of the world's oceans would be very proud of her — heck, I feel proud to have such an inspiring person as part of the human race! You go mergirl!

3. The (Almost) Real Life Mermaid

Kazzie Mahina of Instagram account Mahina Mermaid is a professional mermaid. Not only has she been featured in a variety of films, ad campaigns, and music videos, but she created her own range of eco friendly/recycled MerFins so that everyone can be a mermaid.

She has achieved so many amazing things because of her passion for mermaids and nature, including founding a MerPod — an educational group of young, aspiring mermaids — to take care of the environment. The MerPod is currently in partnership with Tangaroa Blue Ocean Care Society and is actively completing beach clean-ups.

The Mahina Mermaid Instagram account is so inspiring and makes me want to dive into the sea. I live in England, so at this time of year it would be freezing. But I don't care; I want to get me some fins and be a real life mermaid, too.

4. Ariel All Grown Up

As her Instagram name suggests, Amy-Lee of Mermaiderotica is one hell of a siren. Like an adult version of Ariel, Amy-Lee has bright red, flowing locks and occasionally wears scales.

Parental advisory is advised with this Instagram account (insert winky face here) as some of her pics are a bit on the saucy side, and I'm not talking tartar sauce!

Amy is an alternative girl with a love of tattoos, sexy lingerie, and, of course, mermaids.

5. The Ladylike Mermaid

With a similar Instagram style to Kailey of Mermaidens, Dulce of Mermaidmint has color coordinated her account to ooze minty vibes.

However, Dulce differs to Kailey in the fact that she is less kitsch and is more traditionally ladylike and elegant.

She features clothes made of sumptuous fabrics like velvet and luxe detailing such as sequins, while still keeping with her overall mermaid aesthetic.

6. The Plus Size Anime Mermaid

A self confessed "Plus Size Cushion Lady" and "Manic Panic Mermaid," SourDumpling's Instagram is an eclectic mix of mermaid style, Japanese anime, and rainbow hair, and it totally works!

Seen here, SourDumpling is totally rocking Sailor Moon style with her green mermaid 'do.

She posts pictures of delicious snacks, mermaid bikinis and nostalgic items, like Polly Pocket toys. I imagine SourDumpling and I would get on like a house on fire!

7. The Rainbow Mermaid

I need Amy the Mermaid's hair. It is incredible and possibly the best mermaid hair I have ever seen.

Amy the Mermaid's Instagram profile has some totally Clueless vibes — it's as if Cher Horowitz has suddenly morphed into a mermaid.

She is also very fashionable. Here Amy rocks the epic 1990s accessory fashion that has been revamped for spring 2015: the choker trend.

There's sure to be an Instagram mermaiden to suit your style. So dye your hair, put on some fins, and make a splash!

Images: Giphy; mermaidens, mermaidaubrie, mahinamermaid, mermaiderotica, Instagram/mermaidmint, sourdumpling, amythemermaidx