9 Sexiest 'Empire' Season 1 Moments, Because The Show Sizzled With Chemistry Between So Many Characters

There are so many reasons why we all love Empire . From the sensational music, to Cookie's epic comebacks, I've been hooked on the show since the pilot episode. It's truly a joy to see so many fully fleshed out characters with ambition, dreams, and regrets. Still, one of the major reasons I tuned in every week was for the electric chemistry between the characters on the show. Even when they were aggravated with one another, the sexual tension between Cookie and Lucious was constant in their interactions — much to the disdain of his girlfriend-turned-fiancée, Anika. After 17 years apart, it became clear that Cookie and Lucious were going to have to do something to clear the air between them.

But they weren't the only ones having fun; their sons also enjoyed their own sexy moments. Hakeem and Tiana sizzled on stage, only to come more alive in the arms of others. Likewise, Rhonda and Andre never let their 10 year long relationship grow stale, even though their particular brand of kink seems to be an acquired taste. As much of a loving relationship as Jamal and Michael had, it didn't come close to the electricity that Jamal felt when he met Ryan. Throughout all of the fighting, performances, and emotional roller coasters, the characters of Empire always found time for human connections.

The show definitely doesn't skimp on the sexiness. Here are nine smoking hot moments from season one of Empire.

1. When Cookie Came To Dinner In Her Sexiest Lingerie

In "Out Damn, Spot," Cookie receives a single rose on her doorstep. She mistakenly believes that Lucious is acknowledging their anniversary. However, when she arrives to dinner dressed for a sexy reunion, she walks into Lucious and Anika's engagement celebration. Well, it was sexy while it lasted.

2. When Rhonda & Andre Reenacted His Encounter With the DA

Though I laughed until I was near tears at the bib incident, my eyes were glued to the screen during "The Devil Quotes Scripture." Andre comes home and reenacts the sexual encounter he'd had with another woman, but this time with his wife, Rhonda. The duo's marriage is certainly an odd one, but it's not for lack chemistry and attraction.

3. When Hakeem Changed the Lyrics in His Song for Tiana

After the way Hakeem and his boys interrupted Tiana's rehearsal, I doubted she was going to give him any play. However, once he changes his lyrics for her at his Leviticus performance in "The Outspoken King," I can see why she changes her mind about him.

4. When Cookie & Lucious Finally "Reconnect"

In "Our Dancing Days," Lucious finally comes clean to his family about his ALS diagnosis. Cookie is devastated, and the two sit and talk about the good old days after everyone else leaves. Their nostalgia leads to kissing, and the kissing leads to the bedroom. As much as you may hate Lucious, you have to admit that he and Cookie's chemistry is off the charts. That scene was what we'd all been waiting for.

5. When We Meet Tiana's Girlfriend

In "Dangerous Bonds," Tiana finds Hakeem in the tub with Camilla, but she seems rather unbothered about the entire thing. I was puzzled until we saw her return home to her girlfriend. Though she and Hakeem have good chemistry, her stunning blonde girlfriend is who she wants to spend her nights with.

6. When Cookie Meets Malcolm

When Cookie initially meets Malcolm in "Out, Damn Spot," she's still wrestling with her unresolved feelings for Lucious. However, from the moment she locks eyes with Empire Entertainment's new Head of Security, we all began to get a bit hot and bothered.

7. When Cookie & Malcolm Finally Kiss

We watched Cookie and Malcolm flirt with one another for weeks until they finally give into their desires. A consummate professional, Malcolm resists his attraction to Cookie at first because of his loyalty to Lucious. However, in "Sins of the Father," it becomes clear that both of them have gown weary of hiding their attraction to one another. They finally give in to the kiss of a lifetime.

8. When Jamal & Ryan Take Things To the Next Level

Admittedly, I was sad to see Michael go. He and Jamal were really sweet together. However, he didn't seem too cut out for Jamal's new found fame so, as Cookie would say, "Bye, Dora." Jamal's bed isn't cold for too long though. He meets Empire Entertainment's new photographer, Ryan, and they hit it off immediately. Because of Ryan, Jamal realizes that it's time for him to come out publicly. In the season finale, their relationship crackles into an inferno of lust in the office.

9. When Cookie & Malcolm Go Away For the Weekend

In the first hour of the season finale, Malcolm and Cookie get away from drama of the Lyon family and Empire Entertainment. They spend a sexy weekend alone in a cabin getting to know each other. Their bubble of happiness is short-lived, but lovely while it lasts.

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