Kylie Jenner Slams Pregnancy Rumors & This Isn't The First Time She's Had to Play Rumor Patrol

Being a celebrity seems like a ton of fun, until you consider the fact that they have to deal with crazy rumors about themselves on a regular basis. It kind of comes with the territory — especially if you're a member of the Kardashian Klan. For some reason, the Kardashian/Jenners are some of the most frequent victims of the rumor mill, and now that Kylie Jenner's getting older, it's her turn. In light of recent tabloid stories claiming that she's pregnant, the youngest Jenner turned to social media to clear the air. On Wednesday, Kylie tweeted that she's not pregnant — "clearly."

Is it just me, or can you totally imagine the reality star rolling her eyes as she's forced to actually type out these words? Not that I blame her, of course. It'd be truly shocking to find out that Kylie was pregnant, so why wouldn't she be a little miffed? She's only 17 — she should be spending her downtime Instagramming her coffee and being sassy to her mom, not dealing with paparazzi and reporters asking her when her due date is. She looks a lot older than she is, but she's still a teenager, and I'm bummed for her that she doesn't get to enjoy that to the fullest extent.

Because instead of tweeting cryptic song lyrics about the guy she's dating, she has to tweet stuff like this:

It's OK, though, because Kylie's a seasoned pro at handling stuff like this. Just think about all the other insane rumors she's had to battle.

She's getting married

As is the case when any celebrity decides to wear a ring of any sort, it was rumored earlier this year that Kylie was planning to walk down the aisle with Tyga. Since Kylie isn't even old enough to buy a lottery ticket, this one was a bit ridiculous from the start.

She's hooking up with Scott Disick behind Kourtney's back

This is my favorite Kylie rumor, if only because it's the most ludicrous. Yes, you're right, tabloids — Kylie's totally hooking up with her sister's longtime boyfriend who just so happens to be 15 years her senior. And if you hadn't heard, Khloe was getting in on it, too. Cue eye roll.

She's in a nasty feud with Selena Gomez

Supposedly, last spring, Kylie was sending Justin Bieber flirty texts, which pissed Gomez off enough to effectively end their friendship. Right, that must be why they were seen hanging out a few days ago.

She's becoming a rapper

You know, under Tyga's tutelage, of course. Supposedly, Kylie's set to become the next Iggy Azalea. I don't hate it...

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