When Is 'Outlander' Season 2?

It's rare that I desire — or require — a break from one of my favorite TV shows, but I think I'm going to need just a teensy bit of space from Outlander after the sure-to-be intense season finale on May 30. But, as there has been no official premiere date for Season 2 of Outlander announced yet, I'm almost certain I will regret saying I will need time off from the time-travel series. Yes, I needed my dentist-approved night guard while watching the May 16 episode "Wentworth Prison" due to gritting my teeth at Jamie's situation, but after the Season 1 finale, I'm sure I will be craving more Outlander instantly. So, are there any clues as to when Season 2 will come to Starz? Well, we're probably in for a wait.

Outlander was renewed on Aug. 15, 2014, within the same week that Season 1 premiered (because the show is just that badass). But, I would not count on the show being back on with its new season in August 2015 since that's only two months away. The first eight episodes aired in August and September, and then after a significantly long midseason break, the second half of Season 1 came back in April. (To complicate the schedule even more, there was a week break between the final two episodes as well.) This unconventional rollout of Season 1, makes it difficult to guess an exact date for the next season's release.

But, I'm fairly certain Outlander fans will be waiting until at least fall or winter for Season 2, because it's still currently filming in Fife, Scotland.

And, with a lot that needs to be resolved in the Season 1 finale, we can probably expect big changes for Claire and Jamie when Season 2 arrives. If you don't want to know anything else about Season 2, which based on the book Dragonfly In Amber, proceed no further. Spoilers ahead.

One of the plots in Season 2 will not only see a new location in Paris, France, but also a 20-year time jump (!) Luckily, the show will not be recasting the gorgeous and talented Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan (those adjectives apply to both actors). Although I'm slightly concerned about how they will manage to age these beautiful people in a convincing way, Outlander has shown major finesse in portraying particularly tricky subject matters (aka pretty much everything the sadist Captain Jack Randall has ever done), so I think the production team can handle some intricate makeup.

While I will definitely be mourning the loss of Jamie's kilt in exchange for French garments, as a person who hasn't read the books, I'm intrigued to dive deeper into the series' mythology and historical elements.

The wait for Season 2 of Outlander may end up feeling never-ending (like the midseason break), at least the fact that I know Jamie will be 20 years older makes me confident that Claire, Murtagh, Angus, and crew will save him. Whether or not they reach him before Randall has done his worst is yet to be seen, but it's not looking good, Sassenachs.

Like I said, maybe a break from all of the evil Randall commits wouldn't be the worst thing ever. But, Outlander Powers That Be (I'm looking at you, Ron D. Moore): Please just don't make us wait too, too long for Season 2.

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