This Bracelet Can Tell You How Stressed You Are

What if you could track the specific events in your day that stressed you out so that you could either prevent them in the future, or look for ways to make them less stressful in the first place? Thanks to Zach Sivan and Doron Libshtein, the co-founders of Insalvaeo Inc., this idea could be a reality with WellBe, a wearable stress bracelet that uses a heart rate tracker to log the most stressful parts of your day. We could all stand to be a little less crazed, right?

Here's how it works: The bracelet will monitor your heartbeat and, along with another algorithm, will determine how calm you are at any given point during the day. You can track your patterns on the WellBe phone app, which not only tells you what your stressors are, but also offers suggestions for how to combat the stress with tips on mindful breathing, meditation, and personalized programs. You can also enroll for a program that lasts one, two, or three weeks through the Mentors Channel that will help you develop healthy, stress-free habits and adopt a lifestyle more conducive to general wellbeing.

The bracelet itself is made of lightweight cork and comes in black, dark brown, or natural. You can customize it to come with or without its squiggly flow symbol.

So what are some examples of instances the bracelet's stress sensors may spike? I've got a few ideas — and obviously they're all incredibly important everyday situations:

1. When you're waiting for a reply to an important message.

2. When you hear Beyonce and Nicki Minaj's new video just dropped, but you have to pay a subscription service to watch it.

3. When you know you might not have enough money on your debit card to make that purchase you're about to make and you're waiting for the cashier either to print you a receipt or tell you your card has been declined.

4. When you're in the middle of writing a paper and your computer suddenly crashes.

5. Waiting to see if your Tinder date is as attractive in person as their profile suggested.

6. When you realize your eight-hour shift is with all your least favorite co-workers.

7. When you feel particularly out of place at a party.

Check out more details about WellBe here and start de-stressing!

Images: The WellBe/Indiegogo; Giphy (7)