Kidd Cole From 'Catfish' Has Been Arrested

If you're a Catfish fan, you're probably already familiar with Kidd Cole — real name Jerez Stone-Coleman — one of the show's most notorious villains. After posing as a rapper/producer, Stone-Coleman convinced his catfishing victims to hand over money and in turn promised music industry jobs and fame. This lead to one of the most amazing Catfish moments ever in which Nev chucked Stone-Coleman's phone into a nearby lake. But now, he's landed himself in hot water again for a whole different reason. According to a Washington D.C. CBS news affiliate, Kidd Cole was arrested for allegedly making terroristic threats on Wednesday morning. Bustle attempted to reach out to the agent listed on Stone-Coleman's Sound Cloud page, but delivery to the email address listed failed. We have also reached out to MTV, but have not yet heard back.

So what went down? Over the past several months (with complaints dating back to December 2014), Metro Transit Police received 11 separate phone calls with threats to D.C.'s Metro stations, trains, and buses, which included "destructive devices and acts of violence," according to WUSA 9. The police took the threats seriously and every single one of them ended up being false.

Metro Transit Police officials released details about some of the calls Stone-Coleman allegedly made, and they sound pretty troubling. More than one call mentioned bombs — including one that had supposedly been planted at the White House — and there were also threats of killing police officers and blowing up buses. Police say they traced phone records back to Stone-Coleman and also used video surveillance from various Metro station and buses to find him. And after issuing a warrant for his arrest on Tuesday, it wasn't long before Stone-Coleman was arrested.

Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik issued the following statement:

We have no greater responsibility than protecting Metro's customers and employees. This case demonstrates the seriousness with which we take all threats and the lengths to which we will go to bring those responsible to justice.

Images: MTV, ethan-the-ginger/Tumblr