10 Words That Should Be Added To The Dictionary, Because "On Fleek" Definitely Deserves An Entry

Words are being added to the dictionary left and right. Dictionary.com recently added a ton of new words and phrases, as did Merriam-Webster and the illustrious Scrabble Dictionary. A lot of the new additions to these dictionaries are slangy tech-words like "emoji" and "slacktivism," as well as terms of gender inclusion such as "agender" and "Mx" — but I can't help but think we're still missing a lot of words that should be added to the dictionary. Anyone else?

Of course, with the advent of democratic dictionaries and encyclopedias like Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia, the words that are formally inducted into the pages of old-school dictionaries is mattering less and less every day. I mean, when was the last time you had to look a word up and went to go get a book off the shelf to do it? In fact, how many people even have hard copy dictionaries anymore? We all just use, as my grandmother calls it, the Googles.

Still, there's something that feels grand and important about having a word be "recognized" by a real, legit dictionary. Debates about whether something or not is a word begin and end at the dictionary (why do these debates only turn vicious at my dinner table? Too many word nerds in one place can be a dangerous thing). Spelling is solidified on those stark white pages. Scrabble games are fought valiantly at their altars. Whether or not we want it to, the dictionary still means something.

So, why are there still words we use all the time that aren't in there? Here are 10 words that I think need to be added to the dictionary, like, now.

1. Fleek (or "On Fleek")


So we can finally have one clear, goddamn definition of what it means for something to be "on fleek".

2. Tinderella


The word for a person who meets a partner they really ends up liking on Tinder. The person in question may be female, but isn't necessarily.

3. Agro


It sounds like an abbreviation of "aggressive," and it sort of is, but it refers more to the kind of petulant and unnecessary drunk aggression that frat boys are so famous for.

4. Mabstinence


Abstinence from masturbation. Often observed by athletes before big games.

5. Wombmates


Just blatantly a better word for twins.

6. Fuckboy


Fuckboys are generally douchey; they sleep with your friends and then booty call you the next night; and they just sort of suck (or, they don't, but they still expect you to).

7. Bamples


Like face dimples, but on your back. OK, this is really just me trying to name those two back dimples that everyone has. How is there not a name for those things?

8. Meh


The general feeling of ennui experienced by most millenials at most times.

9. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This guy should definitely be in the dictionary, because he is my spirit animal.

10. 5ever


Like forever, but stronger. You really mean it if you say you love someone 5ever.

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