6 Sarcastic Adventures For G.C.'s New Comic Books

A bad-tempered cat is officially more successful than you will ever be. Grumpy Cat's first comic book is coming out this fall. The Internet-famous feline, along with her brother Pokey, will debut in a three part comic mini-series, which will also be available as a hardcover graphic novel. The comics are to be produced by Dynamite Entertainment, who will first be teasing us with a series of Grumpy Cat comic strips online this summer.

Grumpy Cat (real name “Tardar Sauce”) leapt to Internet fame in 2012 and has been capitalizing off her grumpy face ever since. She’s more than just a meme; she’s a source of serious pop culture inspiration. Grumpy Cat has “written” two best-selling books full of disgruntled observations about the world; the wonderfully crabby Aubrey Plaza voiced Grumpy Cat in her own lifetime movie; and an artist even made a likeness of Grumpy Cat out of bacon. Her online influence has lasted three whole years, which in internet terms is a lifetime. With the arrival of these comic books, it looks like Grumpy Cat isn’t retiring anytime soon.

Grumpy Cat’s comic book is sure to be sarcastic, irritable, and bad-tempered — in other words, everything we love about her. Here are just a few of the sarcastic adventures I’d like to see for Grumpy Cat.

Grumpy Cat Campaigns To Ban Cuddling In All 50 States

It’s that time of year again. Political hype is spreading, and Grumpy Cat couldn’t care less. To put everyone back in their place, she’s got a much more important item on the agenda: banning cuddles across America. Because touching = gross.

Grumpy Cat Destroys Manspreaders With Side-eye

Even though she loves seeing people uncomfortable on the subway, dudes spreading their legs across multiple seats does not sit well with Grumpy Cat, and she’s here to shut that down right now. If you are manspreading, you are way too comfortable with a lot of things.

Grumpy Cat Takes On Mansplainers With The Power Of Passive Aggression

This is one I'd especially love to see: Grumpy Cat fires sarcastic superpowers at any man who comes over all condescending. Bruised egos abound, and feminists across the world delight in the knowledge they are safe to express their views on Twitter without being targeted by the dreaded mansplainers.

Grumpy Cat Helps Everyone Get Beach Body Ready

Grumpy Cat is not amused by Protein World’s beach body standards. She has a way more sarcastic (and awesome) approach to fitness: it takes more muscles to frown than smile, so she’s showing us all how to work out in style.

Grumpy Cat Time Travels To Ancient Egypt, And Everyone Has A Terrible Time

Ever wonder why the Egyptians were so obsessed with cats and then for the rest of history we totally got over that? It’s obviously because Grumpy Cat traveled back in time, pissed off Cleopatra, and turned the world off cats for good... or at least until the invention of the meme.

Grumpy Cat Goes Incognito

In her most Grumpy Cat adventure of all, Grumpy Cat suddenly disappears. She declares herself bored with fame, has her lawyer draft letters demanding the removal of her image from various sites, and goes underground, Banksy style, only occasionally reminding us of her existence by leaving some Grumpy Cat swag around major cities. To make things meta, in the last panel we see her furiously scribbling a tell-all comic book, and no surprises here — even though she wrote it, Grumpy Cat hates it.

Images: Memegenerator (3); grumpycatpics.com; Memestache; onlyfatrabbit/Tumblr