9 "On The Line" Music Video Moments That You Totally Forgot About, Because Lance Bass's Brown Hair Is Worth Revisiting

If you are going to host an early aughts pop star movie night (you know, as one does), there are three must-watches: the Britney Spears road trip vehicle from 2002, the beach party musical starring American Idol alumni Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini, and the rom-com released in 2001 starring *NSYNC's Lance Bass and Joey Fatone. I've recently revisited both Crossroads and From Justin to Kelly, but it's been a minute since I tossed the On The Line VHS in the ol' VCR. It's also been a minute since I've listened to the movie's theme song, "On the Line". It's time to fix that.

I no longer have a VCR, so I can't watch the aforementioned On the Line VHS. However, I do have the Internet, so I can watch the music video for "On the Line" on(the)line virtually any time, any place. (I'm sure I could download the movie if I reeeally wanted to, but I worry that'll be too overwhelming a task for my sluggish laptop. I want to respect my comp's limits, OK?) So, watch the music video is exactly what I did on this fine afternoon.

The song “On the Line” is by The On the Line All-Stars, a supergroup comprised of Bass, Fatone, Mandy Moore, True Vibe, and BBMak’s Christian Burns. The track is a feast for the ears, and the video is a treat for the soul.

Here are the things from the "On the Line" music video that I totally forgot about:

Emmanuelle Chriqui Is In The Music Video (And In The Movie)


The El Is A Main Character In The Music Video (And In The Movie)

Again, super disappointed in myself for forgetting that the Chicago train system is a big part of a movie called On the Line.

Lance Summons A TV Set With A Single Dance Move

Yes, yes, yes, here we go! *NSYNC has got the magic!

Lance's Hair Is Brown

Whoa. Just... whoa.

There Are So. Many. People.

Like, I knew eight people sang this song, but when I saw the entire group standing on the line, er, in a line for the first time, it took my breath away.

Mandy's Posh Spice Arm

Serving up some serious girl power.

There's A Clock Made Out Of Humans

Did they choose to be a clock, or did some evil watchmaker imprison them? The world may never know.

There's So Much Glitter

I've always thought subway platforms could use more glitter.

Emmanuelle and Lance Smooch In Front Of This Tarp

Was the iron broken? If not, there's no excuse for that wrinkled mess of a tarp.

These "On the Line" lyrics sum up how I feel when I watch the vid:

After everything my heart's been throughI treasure every moment I spend with youFor me to feel this way is something newNow it's got a hold on me it's making me believeThe love we got is something unlike any other

Does anyone have a DVD copy of On the Line that they'd be willing to lend me? While I feel like this movie is best enjoyed via VHS, I don't have a VCR. I'd be willing to settle for DVD. I've never missed Blockbuster as much as I do right now.

Images: Jonathan Hudson/YouTube (9); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (9)