LiLo Is Off Probation After 7 Years

by Maitri Suhas

Everyone deserves a second chance, and Lindsay Lohan has had a lot of them. But now, there's some good news for my girl. According to E! News, Lindsay Lohan has completed her 125 hours of assigned community service, and for the first time in seven years, she's off of probation. You go, girl! You're free!

For a while, it seemed like the 28-year-old might not finish her community service. In February, Judge Mark Young assigned her the 125 hours, and up until three weeks ago, she still reportedly had 116 left. But miraculously, she finished, and for now she's in the clear.

Lohan was pretty excited about this achievement — and she should be. She released the following statement:

I am very grateful to those at Brooklyn Community Services, Duffield and The Ali Forney Center for welcoming me into their services and allowing me to finish my court ordered Community Service hours. Thank you to Shawn and everyone involved for having faith in me and supporting me in getting the job done. I look forward to working with The Ali Forney Center and BCS in the future. Thank you for the inspiration. Clean slate. Fresh start.

I have to admit that I am totally Team Lindsay right now, though I have wavered over the years, largely due to being a judgmental teen. I'm happy for her for making her deadline and soldiering through. Hey, maybe things really are looking up for Lilo at long last.

Lohan did her time at the TLC Women's Shelter in New York and at Duffield's Children's Center, which got her heat from parents whose children attend the center. One parent was so blunt as to say, "Why would I want her around my child?"

I used to think it was mean to lurk Lohan's court photos and be a bitchy voyeur, but the actress seems comfortable sharing her struggles in public — she posted updates about her community service to social media — and having her fans' support as she works through things. And who are we to say who does and doesn't deserve another chance around? There's no doubt that a lot of the LiLo hate comes from the fact that she was a child star who has "fallen" so far, but the girl is only 28. I have made a lot of mistakes, too, in my 25 years, and I don't have the entire world's eyes on me. I hope LiLo keeps on trucking. Can you say Herbie: Fully Loaded 2?