Gina Answers Gamble's Burning Question At 'The Real Housewives Of Melbourne' Reunion

If we are to take away any lessons from the second half of The Real Housewives of Melbourne reunion, the lessons are as follows: gossiping about sex parties does not make the heart grow fonder; gossip in general does not make the heart grow fonder; when in doubt, blame Janet’s friend Carlos; tea dresses, high heels, and champagne flutes are perfect running gear; and always be sure to watch the credits at the end of a reality TV reunion.

Had I turned the television off the moment the credits began to roll, I would’ve missed the Season 2 reunion outtakes. And if I didn’t watch the Season 2 reunion outtakes, I would’ve missed what was quite possibly the funniest moment of the entire reunion. (And those are strong words; I laughed for a good 15 minutes when Pettifleur yelled, “I’m 50 and I’m skinny because I don’t drink” at the end of last Thursday’s episode.) I am so thankful I saw the outtakes.

In one of the deleted scenes, Gamble, a Real Housewives reunion newbie, turned to Gina and asked a burning question. Gamble dropped the question like a hot potato. I pictured Gina, wearing Swarovski crystal-encrusted oven mitts, catching the burning question. As she held the smoldering inquiry, it began to change. Within seconds, she had a diamond of an answer.

Gamble's question:

Gina's answer:

Spoken like a true Real Housewives reunion pro. Gina knew that the final edit, no matter how many lulls hit during the actual filming process, would be magnificent. Gina knew they could count on the magic of reality television.

Whether she's throwing witch-themed murder mystery parties, dancing with ribbon wands, or organizing glamorous dog races, Gamble's always looking out for the viewer. She wants to do right by us. And by golly, she always does.

Fret not, dearest Gamble. You made decent TV. Scratch that—you made BEYOND decent TV. Same goes for your costars. It was a wonderful season of television.

I would like to thank EVERYONE IN MELBOURNE for the memories.

Images: Martin Philbey/Bravo; Bravo (2); rhogif, realitytvgifs/tumblr