Bob Saget Joining 'Fuller House' Is Amazing News, Because D.J. Needs Danny Tanner Advice Now More Than Ever

I might be in the minority holding out hope that Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen will joining the upcoming Netflix series as Michelle Tanner, but there has been a lot of good news aside from that. On Thursday, John Stamos revealed that Bob Saget has joined Fuller House , making the Tanner clan as complete as it's going to get with the dual Michelle actresses having quit acting almost a decade ago. As we all know, Danny was the glue that held this occasionally chaotic family together, raising three girls after the death of his wife and with the help of Joey and Jesse, the latter of which went on to have kids of his own. He might have been a stick-in-the-mud neat freak, but he was also warm, loving, attentive, and one of the best fictional fathers in the television world.

The premise of Fuller House puts D.J. in the perfect position to be in need of Danny's advice once more. She is moving in with Kimmy and Stephanie after the death of her husband, trying to raise two boys, helping to raise Kimmy's teenage daughter, and expecting one more baby to join the family. It's a different kind of Full House, but one no less chaotic, and, if anyone has any wisdom to give on the subject, then it is most certainly Danny Tanner.

Here are some tips and tricks that Danny could give to D.J., either in the pilot episode or as a regular character, depending on how involved Saget gets in the project.

1. Don't Dwell On The Past

Both D.J. and Danny started their respective series at their lowest point, having just lost the people they loved most in the world aside from their children. However, Danny managed to build an entire new life for himself, to find new love, to raise great children, and to be happy again. He would be the greatest authority to D.J. on how to keep on going even when you've hit rock bottom, and how to feel okay being happy again when you've lost so much.

2. Keep A Clean Home

Danny has more or less been preaching this virtue since D.J. was a child, but, now that she is the matriarch of a house of her own, then it would become even more important to Danny to impress upon her the importance of keeping a clean home. A person's home is their castle, D.J. is one of his little princesses, and there is no way we're not going to get a scene of D.J., Kimmy, and Stephanie rushing around trying to clean up the house before Danny comes walking in. (Bonus points if Danny starts cleaning what they've already cleaned.)

3. Make A Good First Impression

Danny has always told the girls to be themselves, but you can be yourself and still put your best foot forward in new interactions. When you leave the house, you should look presentable, you should be amiable to all you come across, and mean-spirited actions should be taken in revenge, not as a first strike. OK, maybe the latter advice now verges on Uncle Jesse's territory, but, hey, whatever. He'll be there, too.

4. Family Is The Most Important Thing

Obviously. Family doesn't just mean blood, and D.J. knows that better than anyone considering the kind of home that she grew up in. The important thing that Danny needs to pass on to her is that D.J. doesn't need to build a home identical to the one that we saw on Full House. Instead, the quirks, habits, and traditions that make her new family different are exactly what she should embrace and celebrate. Open-mindedness is a Danny Tanner value, after all.

5. You're Only As Old As You Feel

If you're not having fun, you're probably not doing life right.

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