"Redneck Avengers" Lip Dub Is A Beautiful Hot Mess

Confession: I am the lamest Marvel fangirl who ever lived. I am every actual Marvel fan's worst nightmare in that I totally jumped on the bandwagon as soon as all the movies started coming out, save for a prior obsession with Spider-Man that I have nursed since childhood (HE IS AN AVENGER IN MY HEART). My point is, I love these movies, even though I had zero knowledge about the characters before watching them. But the good news is, you can be as incompetent as I am and still thoroughly enjoy the Redneck Avengers bad lip reading, because it is possibly better than everything Marvel has done, is doing, and ever plans to do in perpetuity.

If you haven't accepted Marvel comics as your lord and savior yet, you might as well lean into it, because there are a zillion Marvel movies on the horizon and they have a really good knack for hiring badass ladies and hot guys named Chris. There's action! There's intrigue! There's Steve Rogers reminding you to watch your language, son! And now, thanks to these beautiful people of the internet (we are not worthyyyy), there is a Honey Boo Boo meets Avengers film we can all thoroughly enjoy. Here are just a few of the best moments from the sleeper blockbuster of the summer:

The nacho incident that probably started Marvel Civil War

The most threatening Piggly Wiggly trip of all time

A lot of emotions about emojis

For all this awkwardness and more, please, friends. Enjoy this beautiful hot mess:

Images: Disney; YouTube(4)