Mary-Kate & Ashley Should Join 'Fuller House' & I've Got 7 Fool Proof Ways To Convince Them

When it comes to the cast of the Full House reboot Fuller House, the gang's all here now that Bob Saget has signed on. Well, the gang minus Michelle, that is. To Uncle Jesse's great disappointment, Fuller House does not have Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who took turns playing the adorable Michelle Tanner, on board for the reboot of the '80s sitcom. As John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse on the show, implied on his social media accounts, the Olsens have declined to fill out the Fuller House cast for alleged reasons such as finding the compensation insufficient and/or no longer being in the acting stages of their lives. The twins haven't acted together in over a decade, and Mary Kate hasn't appeared on the screen since 2011.

While it makes sense that the twins might want to stick to their avant-garde fashion image, rather than return to their cutesy origins, it would be so nice to see the original cast together again. The casting coup also could have helped the Netflix series score the many Mary-Kate and Ashley fans who are still at large as viewers. Public responses to their decision have been pretty emotional, so it still seems possible that the twins will change their minds. (At least, we have to hope that's possible, right?) They're probably at the tipping point, so here are some ways to convince the twins to join Fuller House once and for all:

1. Dress the Fuller House cast exclusively in Elizabeth And James and The Row.

Gone are the sweaters and primary colors of the '80s. What if the whole show was basically an ad for the twins' designer clothing collections? I'd love to see Uncle Jesse in this look.

2. Turn the character of Michelle into a witch.

Because Mary-Kate and Ashley are basically otherworldly beings, playing a witch or ghost seems more related to their current aesthetic than the cutesy youngest child.

3. Rebrand Fuller House as an avant-garde television show.

Less "you got it dude," more Twin Peaks.

4. Don't give them any lines.

The notoriously tight-lipped twins could just stand there, spooky and ethereal, and it would go unacknowledged by anyone.

5. Have them play themselves.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if Michelle Tanner had grown up to become a fashion designer, media icon, business woman, and all around intimidating person?

6. The public should send them scrunchies.

To symbolize their need for the twins to return to their roots as Michelle, the audience could send scrunchies and bows as symbolic tokens. Mary-Kate and Ashley would presumably be so disgusted that they'd have to comply.

7. Get Elizabeth Olsen to do it.

OK, this would actually not involve Mary Kate and Ashley, but it could totally work. Elizabeth is an established actress, and she looks enough like her sisters to convincingly play Michelle.

Problem solved, everyone.

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