Are You The Klaus Mikaelson Of Your Friend Group?

We're taught at a very young age the difference between right and wrong. One lesson that comes to mind is the lesson regarding heroes and villains: Heroes are good and villains are bad, therefore we should always want good to triumph over evil. Makes sense, right? But, nowadays, things aren't always quite as black and white as all that. Thanks to complex character development, we sometimes find ourselves rooting for the bad guy, even though we know it defies the laws of fairytale decorum. That's because even some of the most villainous characters can somehow still be extremely relatable. Take, for instance, Klaus Mikaelson from The Originals .

Here's a guy that was first introduced on The Vampire Diaries as an unlikeable foe. And yet, we couldn't help but fall in love with his devilish charms. In fact, some of us even started rooting for him to be with the show's most likable character, Caroline. (Thus creating the Klaroline 'shipping community, of which am I proudly a diehard member.) My point is that we all have a little Klaus in us, whether we're willing to admit it or not. However, like with most things in life, some people share more similar traits with this Originals vamp than others. So just in case you're unsure whether or not you qualify as part of the select few, here are a couple tell-tale signs that you're actually the Klaus Mikaelson of your friend group.

1. You Always Find Yourself In A Leadership Position

Whether it involves deciding what movie to go see with friends on a Friday night or what business strategy to start instituting at work, others are constantly turning to you for answers both personally and professionally.

2. You're A Bit Of A Control Freak

Sure, all of that responsibility can stress you out sometimes, but if truth be told, you actually love being in charge of everything.

3. You Have A Knack For Always Getting Your Way

Always the smooth talker, you possess the perfect blend of charm and charisma to pretty much get what you want, when you want it.

4. But Your Temper Runs On A Short Fuse

As charming as you can be, you also have a tendency to let your emotions get the best of you at times.

5. You Have A Hard Time Trusting Others

There's a reason why you love being in control all the time. It's because you don't trust anyone else to do it right. (You do not do well in group trust fall exercises.)

6. You Don't Fall In Love Easily

While some friends can easily go from dating one person to another, you're very particular about who you set your sights on romantically. But, when you do find someone special, you tend to fall hard and fast.

7. You Crave The Company Of Others

You secretly hate the thought of ending up all alone.

8. You're Competitive

Sometimes to an unhealthy degree.

9. But That's Only Because You're An Extremely Passionate Person

And a big romantic, way deep down. You just choose not to show it very often since it would totally ruin your street cred.

Accept it, you're a Klaus. And that's actually kind of a great thing.

Images: Tina Rowden/The CW; gifhunterress/Tumblr (2); cwtheoriginals/Tumblr; pinkyblueyellow/Tumblr (2); ririxciv/Tumblr (2); claudiathecinemagal/Tumblr; sunchild-indigokid/Tumblr