18 Best High School Yearbook Quotes Ever

Every time you got the least bit upset over something in high school, there was always some adult there to console you with this nonsense: "In a few years, none of this is going to matter." Not only was this ridonk unhelpful and irrelevant to the concerns we were feeling at the time, it wasn't true. There is a part of high school that is going to matter, not just in a few years, but until the end of time: Your yearbook quote. If you manage to come up with one of the best yearbook quotes in your class, then you will truly experience infinite glory.

I feel essentially robbed of an adolescence, because seniors didn't get to put quotes next to their pictures at my high school. In retrospect, though, that's probably for the best. It probably would have been something about Star Trek and I don't think my loved ones were fully ready to accept the fact that my 17-year-old self had fallen deep into a Trekkie hole. In any case, anything I would have picked as a teen would have been nothing compared to these veritable yearbook quote champions, who basically owned it. Here are a few high school seniors who are way cooler than I'll ever be:

Fatima, who hid her secret well

Alexander, the picture of modesty

Ankit, broccoli's worst nightmare

Blake, who is #notsorry

Kate, who never left the '90s

This guy who still hasn't flown you out to the Bahamas like he promised :/ :/

Chloe, our dress code fighting hero

Darren Criss, who was once a bb dork

Tess, who is Team Cat

Allison, who thought high school was Yeezy breezy

This pizza purist

Caitlyn, who is too fierce for this world

Rafika, the sass master

Carlie, who has priorities

Seth, who is on to you, Hollywood

Madi, who dreams our same dreams

Megan, who is probably enjoying a nice pair of socks somewhere

Jacob, who had one job