Why Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift Not Dating Is Great

If you watched the video for "Everything Has Changed" and convinced yourself that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are destined to date be together, I'm sorry to inform you of this: the "Thinking Out Loud" singer has officially confirmed it'll never happen. True to form, of course, Sheeran was completely charming when he shot down the idea during an interview — in a statement that included him compared dating Swift to... Lord of the Rings ? Just stick with me on this one.

"[She's] too tall," Sheeran told Z100, when asked if he's ever tried to hook up with the "Bad Blood" singer. "I feel we look like cast members of The Hobbit; she's like in the Elven Kingdom...and I've got hairy feet."

Hilarious movie comparisons aside, there's something refreshingly sweet about the fact that Sheeran and Swift — two incredibly talented musicians — are completely content being close friends and collaborators. Though it's easy to see their sweet Instagram pics or to feel the (platonic!) chemistry when they perform and to assume that there's something more going on, their friendship really proves that purely platonic male/female relationships should not be considered a myth — something that, sadly, happens all too often in media.

So in honor of his honest explanation of their relationship (and the fact that they're totally friendship goals, duh), here's how Swift and Sheeran prove that a girl and a guy can just be friends.

Sheeran Gave Calvin Harris the Seal of Approval

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Swift's been out and about with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. (Who, by the way, is tall enough to escape a similar Lord of the Rings comparison.) No jealousy here, though. In an interview, Sheeran gave the relationship a thumbs up, saying Harris is a "good guy, really, really good guy."

Their Mini-Mes Were The Best BFFs Too

Let the two cute kids from the "Everything Has Changed" video remind you of how powerful a platonic friendship can be. Junior Sheeran + Junior Swift = the best.

Swift Makes Sheeran Homemade Gifts & It's Not Weird At All

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Who can forget that time that Swift gave Sheeran an adorably baller needlepoint composed of Drake lyrics? Just a subtle reminder that the duo started from the bottom and will eventually take over the world.

Sheeran's Fave 1989 Track Isn't A Love Song

Forget breakup anthems — Sheeran is all about "Bad Blood"! Swift revealed that the singer loved the feisty track so much, he wanted it to be her first single off of 1989.

No Matter What, They've Always Got Each Other's Backs

The music industry can be a tough, tough place, but Swift and Sheeran remain besties. It's a true testament to their friendship that with hectic tour schedules, intense media scrutiny, and even more intense fans, the two are still as close as ever. All of the feels, amirite?

Swift and Sheeran's Late-Night Texts? Not So Romantic

If there was any indication of a secret romance, it would show up in Swift and Sheeran's texts, right? When the "Style" singer shared a recent late-night convo the two had, it was downright adorable — with no hidden meanings.

Besides, Their Hearts Belong to Their Cats, Anyway

It's no secret that Swift loves her cats, Meredith and Olivia. In 2014, Sheeran adopted a feline named Graham, solidifying my theory that both singers are cat ladies at heart.

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