These Two Leading Ladies Need to Collaborate Now

Two heads are better than one — especially when they belong to Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart. The two superstars each proved their staying power at a young age, both already veterans of the biggest film franchises ever. (You know, no big deal.) Seeing as each leading lady is known for her unique personality (Lawrence's no-holds-barred wit and Stewart's down-to-earth vibe), though, I can't be the only one who thinks it would be kind of amazing if they starred in a movie together.

If you're anything like me, you're already envisioning the possibilities. Vampires running rampant in a post-apocalyptic Forks, WA? Or, perhaps, the nocturnal creatures competing in their very own Hunger Games? Merging the two franchises would no doubt be epic, but I'm thinking of even bigger potential. (Yes, even bigger than Twilight combining with Panam's District 12.)

Not completely convinced? Understandable; after all, these two actresses are so different that it's almost — almost — hard to image. Luckily, I come armed with a few solid arguments. Grab some popcorn and check out seven reasons why a Jennifer Lawrence/ Kristen Stewart collaborating would be the coolest movie ever.

Opposites Attract

Every great comedy plays off of different personalities. Lawrence and Stewart's roles are pretty much made for them: Lawrence is all energy and boldness, while Stewart favors a more quiet, underscored behavior. Imagine how amazing it would be if they turned everything on its head and flipped personas? Yep, I told you this was a good idea.

Money, Money, Money

Let's cut to the chase: There's a major profit to be made from combining two of Hollywood's greatest young stars. Both Lawrence and Stewart have massive followings; together they can't be stopped. (Oh, yeah, and they'd probably rule the box office.)

Super Fandom Is A Possibility

On that note, think of the possibilities of the Hunger Games fans merging with the Twilight fans. World domination isn't out of the question. At the heart of both franchises is a fierce female — merging these fandoms would make for one mega-fandom.

So. Much. Potential.

One thing Lawrence and Stewart do have in common is that they've provided a broad range of work: From period pieces to indie films to blockbusters, neither actress is pigeon-holed. Their collaboration could fit any genre in any era.

Balance Is Key

Lawrence and Stewart are so dynamic, but the beauty of their chemistry with other actors is that they're balanced. Whether the Oscar-winning star is cracking jokes or the Twilight actress is delivering an emotion-filled monologue, they've mastered the art of collaborating with their co-stars.

Major Girl Power Moment

My inner Spice Girl is doing cartwheels over what a girl power project this could be. Lawrence's Katniss Everdeen and Stewart's Bella Swan are both strong, determined women. No pushovers here. It's pretty much guaranteed that whatever they do, they'll be inspiring other females.

Attract Amazing Collaborators

It would take a really, really long time to list all of the people who Lawrence and Stewart have worked alongside. From Oscar winners to Emmy nominees, there's no doubt that their projects are packed with stars. (Maybe Lawrence's work husband, Bradley Cooper, will even sign on!)

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