Isaac M. Dishes On This Supermodel's Diva Behavior

The catwalk's claws are coming out. During an appearance on the Bravo series Fashion Queens, Isaac Mizrahi called Naomi Campbell the most difficult model to work with and spilled details on his experiences with the legendary supermodel. The interview, which airs this weekend, is full of juicy behind-the-scenes tidbits from the 53-year-old designer. The biggest revelation of all happened after hosts Bevy Smith, Derek J, and Miss Lawrence grilled Mizrahi on who he thinks is the biggest diva on the runway.

“I would say Naomi [Campbell] was not the easiest girl to work with," he said. Even though Mizrahi and Cambpell have collaborated several times over the years, he was quick to point out that the supermodel's attitude and demands before she strutted down the catwalk made working with her a nightmare of epic proportions. This might not come as a surprise to a lot of people since Campbell is known for her rivalries as much as her status as one of the world's most influential models.

“You would do these long fittings on her, right. I promise you for hours, fitting, and she was very conscientious," he said. “I guess if she had fun at the fitting, she liked the clothes, she would show up to the show. If she didn’t like the clothes, things would end up very differently. Someone would come in advance and say, ‘Oh, sorry, Naomi’s not coming.’”

Yet despite what sounds like a love-hate relationship between the designer and his muse, Mizrahi recognizes and respects the impact that Campbell can make on a fashion show. “She just had to show up and it was perfect,” he said.


Are you Team Isaac or Team Naomi?