Chris Pratt's TOWIE Accent Is On Point

During a recent appearance on the UK talk show The Graham Norton Show, the upcoming star of Jurassic World surprised us all again with another hidden talent — and this one is really unexpected. When talking about how his wife, Anna Faris, had grown a bit obsessed with the British reality series (think The Hills meets Jersey Shore, only somehow tanner) The Only Way Is Essex, Chris Pratt revealed the British/Essex accent impression that he'd picked up from watching the show with her — and it was so on point, it even impressed the actual British people in the room.

Feeling no pressure in front of the room full of Brits, including Jude Law, Pratt admitted that he is like a parrot when it comes to accents — if he listens to one for long enough, he can mimic it perfectly. So, when Faris visited him in London during a film shoot and became addicted to watching episodes of the series in their hotel room, he couldn't help but pick it up a bit. If you're not familiar, The Only Way Is Essex is a BAFTA award-winning scripted reality series — meaning they put the cast in modified scenarios, but have them interact without a script. Basically, it's an easy show to get obsessed with if you watch a few episodes, so I honestly can't blame Faris for loving it.

After revealing his hidden talent, Pratt proceeded to entertain Norton's crowd and guests by breaking into a perfect impersonation of an Essex accent that left even the very British Norton himself saying, "That's very good!" After all, you know your British accent is good when a roomful of Brits tells so.

But of course this is just one of Pratt's many talents. There are plenty more where that one came from, and they are just as entertaining:

1. Stripping

Yup. You read that right: During a recent appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Pratt admitted to having been an exotic dancer in his younger days. A "lower-rent" version of Magic Mike, he says... but a stripper nonetheless.

2. Playing The Guitar... Naked

Pratt's first bigger acting break was on the dearly departed WB series Everwood, but, after that, he earned a small part on The O.C. as Che. Bet you didn't recognize him on Parks and Recreation as the naked guitar player in Seth's room!

3. Playing The Piano (And Melting My Heart).

Is there anything this guy can't do?

4. Selling Stuff To People.

During an appearance on Conan, Pratt talked about one of his other little-known skills: convincing people to buy stuff. He was so good, he says, that he actually went into the sales business for a while, and was in charge of his own sales team.