Can Chris Pratt Play These Mouse Rat Classics?

by Mary Grace Garis

Just when you think he couldn't get any dreamier, Chris Pratt will make you swoon again —this time, through his epic piano skillz. The Jurassic World star recently dropped in on the BBC One studios for an interview, but took an detour to show off his musical prowess for Instagram on a piano donated by Elton John. And though plays like a veritable angel of music, I have to wonder — can he jam out to any of Mouse Rat's greatest hits?

Though it seems like forever since Parks and Recreation ended, you may vaguely remember that Pratt starred as aspiring musician Andy Dwyer in the NBC series — and boy, did the Mouse Rat frontman create some memorable tunes. From "Sex Hair" to his ode to Li'l Sebastian (goodnight, sweet prince), the dulcet tones of Mouse Rat are enough to make Dave Matthews look like a talentless hack. Pratt, in the guise of Andy, could master any of those tunes on acoustic guitar, I'm sure — but could he replicate it on something else? I'm just saying, if he's taking any special requests, I have some ideas.

Watch the video below, and then revisit these seven Mouse Rat classics that I'd love to hear Pratt play on the piano... or any other instrument he might be able to play.

1. "The Pit"

Based on Andy's harrowing, real-life experience falling into a pit while wasted, Mouse Rat's first big hit is a mournful masterpiece. Haven't we all be in "the pit" at some point or another? Andy's nuanced lyrics speak to an entire generation.

2. "Sex Hair"

Mouse Rat Trivia: the smart and sensual lyrics to "Sex Hair" were rearranged when Andy started his solo career as children's performer. Sounds crazy, but take a second listen to "Sex Bears" and you'll see the parallels.

3. "November"

Following in the footsteps of Eric Clapton, Andy penned a tortured love song for his to-be wife. Thanks to his trademark ability to embrace subtlety, Andy went with the name "November" instead of disclosing his crush with her true name: April.

4. "Catch Your Dream"

Who can forget this brilliant campaign song from Leslie Knope's 2012 run for city council? Some regard it as Pawnee's answer to "We Are the World," but I try not to compare it because this song is that good.

5. "Remember"

Do you remember where you were when you first heard "Remember"? It's really one of Mouse Rat's breakout songs. I particularly love the vivid imagery that Andy uses here.

6. "Two Birds Holding Hands"

This Mouse Rat song really embraces the uplifting feeling we all have when we first fall in love. (Secret? I want this to be the first dance at my wedding.)

7. "5000 Candles in the Wind"

Elton John made the world mourn with him when he rededicated "Candle in the Wind" to Princess Diana, but nothing could hold a candle to Mouse Rat's memorial song to Pawnee's finest resident, Li'l Sebastian. Though the light hasn't been restored since that mini horse's passing, it would be a heartwarming tribute of Pratt could treat us to an all-keys cover of Mouse Rat's finest work.