Someone Dressed like Zorro on 'The Voice'

How are we doing after the first round of live eliminations? Good? Good. I think it's important to do a periodic morale check. On Monday's episode of The Voice, Cee Lo Green was dressed like Zorro. Adam Levine told Cee Lo he was dressed like Zorro. Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera laughed at Adam telling Cee Lo he was dressed like Zorro. Oh, I think some people sang, too. Yep. One dozen people sang. The following are the six that I liked the most. The other six? They made my ears shrivel up into dust clouds. I'm JOKING. The other six were stellar, too (for the most part. Whoa, Kristie! How CATTY).


Caroline Pennell singing "Wake Me Up": I actually laughed out loud when Cee Lo told her she'd be singing this. While on a road trip this past weekend, my boyfriend and I heard the song approximately 45 times on the radio. At one point, he said, "Ugh, this sounds like something that'd be on The Voice." He has The Gift! Caroline's performance was good (per usual), and Blake commented that she "stayed in the pocket" despite the audience's off-rhythm clapping. HOORAY FOR THE POCKET!


Jacquie Lee singing "Love Is Blindness": How is Jacquie real? Can someone please tell me? She was scream-singing so hard. But in a good way. Scream-singing can be a mess, but Jacquie was no where near mess status. Jacquie is THE DEAL. She's totally in my top three, no question. Xtina gave her a standing ovation and I was pumping my fist in the air like The Situation. Translation: It was a successful performance.

Matthew Schuler singing "Hallelujah": Good golly-lera, Miss Aguilera! Playing to WIN. I know this is an overdone singing competition song, but I knew Matthew would set the place on fire. He did set the place on fire. Figuratively, crimeny! Simmer down. Xtina, once again, called him "magical." And he was.


Austin Jenckes singing "It's a Great Day to Be Alive": Loved this! I dug that Austin maintained his natural tone and didn't force a "country affectation." Or so I thought. Cee Lo commented that Austin did add a little twang to his performance. I guess Cee Lo and I are in a fight? Twang or no twang, the performance was delightful.

Cole Vosbury singing "Adorn You": I liked this weird choice for Cole. He sounded great on this song, even if it was a coffeehouse version. He sang like a member of a '90s boy band, but the gritty, soulful member of a '90s boy band. I promise that is one of the highest compliments I can pay someone.


Tessanne Chin singing "My Kind of Love": Will a record company sign her already? She's too good for this competition. That being said, this performance wasn't my favorite Tessanne performance. That doesn't matter, however, because it still was a perfect performance. I enjoyed it immensely. She delivered the amazingness we've come to expect from her.


Adam was self-conscious about his cardigan. He wanted to fit in with the other, black-clad coaches. So, he changed into a leather jacket. OKAY, Levine. Whatever makes you happy. Xtina and Cee Lo took it upon themselves to offer up their handheld fans. I think he felt included?

Carson Daly warns/informs us that tomorrow night's episode will bring a "huge, new twist" that has NEVER been on television. Is it the Instant Save? I think it's the Instant Save. Bring it on, Daly. Bring. It. On.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC