Tyrion Gives Dany A Real Shot At The Iron Throne

This week on Game of Thrones, we finally got the Tyrion and Dany scene that we've been wanting since the Lannister left King's Landing. In fact, I'd say this was one of the most satisfying moments in the series since the pilot. Tyrion became Daenerys' advisor on Game of Thrones and by doing so, gave her her first real shot at the Iron Throne in a long time.

In the opening of the episode, Tyrion was still in survival mode. Naturally, Daenerys would want him dead. The Lannisters and the Baratheons are the reason she's not a happy princess in King's Landing engaged engaged to, like, Robb Stark, for example. (What a different world that would be.) But, I honestly think Tyrion surprised himself at how willing he was to join her cause. I'm not sure he had convinced himself that advising Daenerys on the ways of Westeros would be a good gig until he started talking it out in that moment. (Tyrion also spilled the beans about Jorah Mormont's massive crush on Daenerys — not cool, bro!) However, it was part of a test. Jorah's fate was Tyrion's first advisory assignment from the Queen. They decided to let him (and his greyscale affliction) leave the city.

Later, the two of them had a drink together. "Two terrible children of two terrible fathers," Lord Tyrion called them. They talked about Dany's recent political decisions in Meereen, as well as Dany's father the Mad King, and how the only person Tyrion trusts other than Varys is Jaime, who killed the Mad King. The different enemies and allies they share is fascinating to consider. It was also clear that these were two great minds meeting. At the end of the scene, Daenerys accepted Tyrion's offer. He may not have enjoyed his time on the Small Council, but Tyrion is a political advisor once again.

The best thing about their conversations, in my opinion, is that Tyrion challenged Daenerys and forced her to confront what she wants. She had tested him, and he tested her right back. Why exactly does she desire to rule Westeros anymore? She hasn't lived there since she was an infant. It's her birthright, but she presumably can do a lot of good in Essos. Then, how does she expect to garner support when all of the ruling houses are dead, dying, or squabbling with one another? This lead us to the line from the Season 5 trailer about Daenerys wanting to break the wheel of noble families in Westeros.

For almost five whole seasons, Daenerys has been off in her own little dragon world. Her story rarely connects to the other characters. It was so bizarre to hear Tyrion compare Dany to Cersei, wasn't it? It's almost like those two names don't exist in the same world. This whole development brings her into the fold and the world of Game of Thrones in a delightfully refreshing way. If she still wants that Iron Throne, Tyrion could well be on his way to helping her get it.

Image: Helen Sloan, Neil Davidson/HBO