Britt & Brady Need Their Own Show

Even though I'm sure pretty much everything on The Bachelor/Bachelorette is put together by some genius producers who have magical editing skills, I still eat it all up and crave even more rose drama. Now that Britt and Brady are a couple, I feel the need to know what’s going on with them at all moments of my day, which is why I think that Britt and Brady should get their own show. Are they still together? ABC, please keep us updated, even if it’s just in the form of a web series. (You’re welcome for the brilliant idea, Mike Fleiss.)

Here’s what we know about them so far. Brady left the rose ceremony and knocked on Britt’s door. After a week (which is basically a year in Bachelorette time) Brady asked her to “be his girl.” OK, super freaking cheesy, but I will play along. Then they hid their relationship from the public like all proper Bachelorette couples do while the show is filming. According to Reality Steve, they were spotted twice before they went public on the show. The first time she headed to Nashville in April to hang out with him, and the second time they were in Cardiff-by-the-Sea in California in May. Steve said there were no cameras during this time so they really were just hanging out together in a non-producer prompted way.

From the looks of their adorable photos on Instagram, Britt and Brady are still seeing each other. But, I need more than just photos. I want them to get their own spinoff, and here are six reasons why they deserve one.

1. I'm Nosy

Sorry, but as a member of Bachelor Nation I am super nosy, and I need to know everything that’s happening in former contestants’ lives. It’s like a sickness.

2. It Would Make Great TV

This kind of thing has never happened before. I am intrigued and need to know what The Bachelorette is like when there are just two people dating. Do they fight? What are the dates like? I bet the producers could put a good spin on it.

3. They Totally Want Their Own Show

You can’t tell me that Britt and Brady wouldn't jump at the chance for their own show. I mean, come on, no one who goes on The Bachelorette doesn’t want to be famous in some small way, right?

4. Chris Harrison Could Narrate The Dates

Yes. This would be absolutely amazing. The only thing better than Chris Harrison narrating Britt and Brady’s dating life would be Bachelor/Bachelorette producer Elan Gale narrating their show, who is quite possibly the best human being of all time. (Seriously, follow him on Twitter, you won’t regret it).

5. Because Some Of Us Were Team Britt

So Kaitlyn got her show, but what about the people who were Team Britt? They deserve more Britt in their lives because that’s what they asked for.

6. Because There Aren’t Enough Bachelor-Themed Shows


Images: ABC/Rick Rowell