7 Most Empowering #AndrogynousBeauty Posts

If you’ve ever experimented with fashion, you know that mixing up your wardrobe from time to time can be an exciting and refreshing change. Lately, it seems that one of the best ways to switch things up is to de-bunk conventional gender norms and try out an androgynous look. For female-identifying folks, this can be done in many ways, whether it’s playing up a simple accessory like a tie or trying out a full on "menswear" look.

There's no doubt that advocacy for more androgynous representation is making its way through social media, and has been gaining positive support along the way. And it didn’t take long before trending topics got going and revealed some of the best androgynous fashion and messages on Twitter and Instagram.

In the past, celebrities like Rihanna have rocked androgynous outfits that helped pave the way for the movement. And, of course, we can’t forget how androgynous celebrities of times past — like David Bowie — helped ignite acceptance of this personal style.

Both men and women are challenging the boundaries of gender norms and fully embracing androgyny by taking bold fashion and beauty risks. Whether androgynous fashion is something you’d try or not, it's nothing short of special to see folks of any gender overcome the "ideal" image of what they are “supposed” to look like.

So check out some of my favorite looks and the most empowering messages from the #AndrogynousBeauty hashtag to see how people are blurring the lines of what is “masculine” and “feminine.”

1. Floral Details

This person’s mix of traditionally-defined femininity and masculinity can all be found in the details of their look. A collared shirt adds structure to the outfit, while floral accents add a touch of "girly vibes." Tan khaki pants and a brown leather belt help to further emphasize the floral collared shirt. A bold and voluminous mohawk brings a unique touch to this outfit, as well, and is a hairstyle is that is beautifully worn. Sunglasses and gauges add a fun, punk edge that perfectly balances the whole ensemble

2. Skater Chic

Androgynous fashion is taken to a new level in this shot, featuring a skater street style outfit. A plaid shirt tied around the waist looks anything but frumpy. The bold, blunt haircut looks chic and fierce — a far cry from the accidental bowl cut that you got when you were a kid.

I’m totally digging the laid back vibe of this outfit and it makes trying out androgynous looks seem a lot less intimidating.

3. Beautifully Natural

This person shows us that a natural look can make just as much of a powerful statement as anything else. Opting for a simple style, the minimalist makeup that accompanies this outfit makes it an absolute win. Black glasses and eyeliner further frame the style without looking like you're trying too hard. The result is an effortlessly cool look complete with textured hair.

4. Strikingly Punk

An outfit with definite punk style and influence, it’s clear that androgynous fashion can come in a number of forms. Choppy, layered, platinum blonde hair and bold, intense brows complement the whole shebang. And the black and white shades of the outfit remind us that gender isn’t as simple as black and white.

5. Barbie Androgyny

Instagrammer Beauty325 has made a major impact through beautifully striking makeup and outfits. A frequent user of the #AndrogynousBeauty hashtag, the self-proclaimed "gender-bending beauty" has been sharing impeccable looks with the Instagram community for months.

In this look, dubbed “Barbie Androgyny,” pink hues and long, braided hair add a great deal of traditional femininity. This androgynous stunner has slayed the game in every sense of the word, and each look created is to die for — showing the transformative effect that makeup can have. Also, kudos to those fierce blending skills and impeccable eyeshadow technique.

6. Free Spirit

This beautifully care-free image is everything. Whether or not it’s a candid shot, one thing’s for sure — it shows someone who is both confident and happy in their own skin and not attempting to adhere to any rigid rules of fashion based on their gender. The positive attitude reflected in this photo speaks volumes and is inspiring to say the least.

7. Powerful Message

While this message is both succinct and to the point, it is definitely an important part of the conversation when it comes to androgynous fashion and beauty.

At the end of the day, people should feel happy wearing whatever they want — being whoever they want to be. They should not feel tied down by gender norms as a way to define themselves if it doesn’t feel right to do so. No one should be made to feel like they are any less of a person for how they choose to dress or express their gender identity. End of story.

Images: bugremoda, romelinegillot, aderukitten, beauty325/ Instagram; papierhache addiemariec11/Twitter