8 Signs You're The Kimmy Gibbler Of Your Friend Group — You Know Every 'Full House' Has At Least One

Unless you've really not been paying attention to your '90s nostalgia, you know that Full House is in the process of being revived. Fuller Housecenters around the family of grown-up D.J. Tanner and — as has been thoroughly discussed all over the media — will see many familiar faces return. One of those faces belongs to Andrea Barber, who will take up the role of her life yet again: famously irritating, yet lovable neighbor, Kimmy Gibbler.

Barber and D.J. actress Candace Cameron Bure have delighted '80s babies everywhere by remaining total besties in real life. And why shouldn't they be? Kimmy and D.J.'s bond was a shining example of female friendship on TV, paving the way for your Anns and your Leslies; your Merediths and your Cristinas. They weathered adolescence together, and while D.J. may seem to be the more mature member of the duo, I can't overlook the sass, style, and bold honesty that Kimmy brought to the relationship.

Kimmy Gibblers of the world, it's time to own it. Our D.J.s need us. It's the Kimmys that will accompany you on all your adventures without a second thought; make fun of your bratty sisters so you won't get in trouble for doing the same thing; and light the way as fearless fashion icons. Not sure where you stand? Here are the eight signs that you might just be the Kimmy Gibbler of your squad.

1. Corny Jokes Are Your Lifeblood

Kimmy Gibbler: Atlantic City lounge comedian trapped in the body of a 13-year-old girl.

2. You Never Shrink From Taking A Fashion Risk

Neon, tie-dye, pattern-mixing, dresses that come with their own battery packs. Kimmy is a fashion icon simply because she knows that subtlety is overrated. Express yourself, Gibblers!

3. You Knew The Kind Of Woman You Wanted To Be From An Early Age

Even when she made mistakes, Kimmy has always been unapologetically herself.

4. You've Talked Your Friends Out Of Doing Many Stupid Things In The Name Of Being Cool

For as out-there as she's always been, K-Gibbs kept D.J. grounded and reminded her very often who she was. Take that, popular crowd.

5. You're The Girl Who's Never Too Embarrassed To Discuss Bodily Functions

And you don't understand why other ladies are so intent on pretending that they don't have them. They're a fact of life! We are women, not robots!

6. You'd Never Wait For Him To Make The First Move

Boys are lazy and they take forever to get up the courage to talk to you. Why not save them the step?

7. You'd Rather Be Yourself Than Be Universally Liked

Even Kimmy's beloved Tanners consistently told her how irritating she was, but she never let the opinions of others change her.

8. You're Forever Loyal To Your Best Friend, No Matter What, And Vice Versa

D.J. and Kimmy have been planning their lives together since I had an entire dresser drawer devoted to my scrunchies. When Fuller House debuts, we can finally see how their killer friendship has stood the test of time. Because the truth is, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of you when you have a pal as faithful as D.J. was to her forever BFF.

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