Giant Samoa Cakes Are The Future

To say I love Girl Scout cookies would be an understatement. I REVERE Girl Scout cookies. I can't ignore a Girl Scout troop standing outside the super market selling peanut butter patties (or, sorry, Tagalongs). I absolutely need to buy some. (What? I'm supporting the service and dessert economy.) My only qualm with Girl Scout cookie sales is that they're not sold all year around, which makes them a hot commodity. That's why I have so much appreciation for the giant Samoa cake recipe. Because while I understand that distance makes the heart grow fonder, you know what sounds better than distance from Girl Scout cookies? Eating Girl Scout cookie-themed desserts 24/7/365. Year round girl scout cookie recipes are my love language.

I think if we've proved anything in the last few years, it's that a Thin Mint shortage and limited time sales can't keep us from our Girl Scout cookies. We've created Girl Scout cookie cocktails, wine pairings for your Samoas, and endless amounts of Girl Scout cookie desserts. But there's always room for a few more. So, we present the Giant Samoa cake—and 9 other Girl Scout cookie themed desserts you need to try immediately:

Giant Samoa Cake

(Goldbelly, $59.)

It's a "gooey rice krispie cake is coated in creamy caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut and laced with rich dark chocolate stripes." GOD BLESS US, EVERYONE.

Thin Mint Pie

This recipe is from My Baking Addiction, and it's no bake—which is my favorite kind of baking.

Samoa Donuts

Because yes, samoa donuts exist. I admit the 3 hours of work sounds a little daunting, but in reality, it's a small price to pay for GLORY.

Samoa Cookie Pie

This recipe is from Averie Cooks and honestly looks amazing. It's a glorified, caramelized pie.

(This GIF seems relevant...)

Deep Fried Thin Mints

I'll admit it: This is my own creation. I followed the basic recipe for deep fried oreos (hint: it involves pancake batter), but used Thin Mints instead. The results were everything I could've ever hoped for.

Samoa Brownie Parfait

Thanks to Country Clever for brightening our lives with this. If I could compose a love song for a dessert, it'd be this one.

Thin Mint Buddies

Thin Mint buddies are just muddy buddies (or puppy chow, or whatever you called it growing up) on steroids. The rice chex dream is still real.

Samoa Cheesecake

If The Cheesecake Factory expects to stay in business, they need to try this recipe for Samoa cheesecake STAT.

Peanut Butter Parfaits

Peanut butter parfaits are a salute to Tagalongs, of course. (Sometimes Samoas and Thin Mints get all the attention, so it's nice to see Tagalongs get some love.)

Samoa Bars

This Domestic Rebel recipe is basically a coconut seven layer bar meets Girl Scout cookie haven.

Tagalong Cupcakes

They take the entire concept of a Tagalong, and turn it into a cupcake. It's a stroke of genius—a true Eureka moment.

Images: Giphy (3); Goldbelly