Amazing Cliff Dives That Might Give You Vertigo

Is there anyone who doesn't love to watch Olympic diving? Even if you have a ridiculously short attention span, you can appreciate diving. They jump, they flip, they fly through the air, they splash. It's everything I want in my sports viewing experience. If you're a fan of Olympic diving, bungee jumping, or other aerial thrills, you'll appreciate cliff jumping just as much. Same concept, but instead of being set at an Olympic pool, it's on the top of a cliff, in the middle of nature with an absolutely amazing view. This cliff dive in Texas? That's the kind of extreme sports I want in my life.

This particular jump is at Possum King Lake in Texas, and was performed as part of the #RedBullDivingCliff World Series. (Because obviously we need a world series for cliff jumping.)

The masterful jumper fully rotates at least 10 times in mid air. His flawless execution is stacked with lay out full twists, front pikes, and a lot of other diving jargon that I have absolutely no mastery of. (In the Olympics, a splash gets you a point deduction, but in the world of extreme sports, my guess is, it's a good thing.)

The view is breathtaking, but that's nothing compared to his jump:

If you're looking for a comparable thrill (in cliff jumping videos, that is), here are 4 of the most thrilling cliff jumps you'll ever seen. Should they inspire you to try this on your next trip to a gorge, hilltop or cliff, you can blame me when your friends/significant others/parents think you're insane.

Hawaiian cliff jumping, which has the height and the views

This seems appealing—with a harness.

This boyfriend pushes his girlfriend off a cliff—no, no, but like, in a good way

He's pushing her to greater heights and adventure. UGH THE ROMANCE.

Trampoline cliff jumping is officially going on my bucket list

And if you decide to find this thrill in Vermont, you should also visit the alpine slides while you're there.

Or you can just stick to the Hawaiian cliffs

Good luck trying to navigate on dry land after all that!