Caitlyn Jenner Reaches 1 Million Twitter Followers At Record Speed & Thanks Her Supporters

It's a big day for Caitlyn Jenner. The woman formerly known as Bruce Jenner has revealed her true self to the world in a big way — with a gorgeous cover shoot for Vanity Fair shot by Annie Leibovitz. The beautiful photos are going viral, but nothing seems to be blowing up quite as much as Jenner's brand new Twitter account, which is now beating records left and right. Jenner has officially taken down son-in-law Kanye West's record of 200,000 new Twitter followers in one hour by gaining a whopping 300,000 new followers in the same time span, but that's not the only social media record she's beating. Jenner has officially reached 1 million viewers faster than any other Twitter user, and it's great that she's finally able to share her honest self with the world.

It took only four hours and three minutes for Jenner to crush the record, and I'm so happy that the person who can claim that record has something very important to share with the world. Jenner's gender identity has been something she's struggled with for years, and the fact that she's now able to be open about herself is truly amazing. Her first written tweet shows just how happy she is to finally live in a world where she can be the person she wants to be:

Social media support isn't the same as the one you might get from family and friends, but it's so good to know that people are expressing their acceptance and support for Jenner. She's starting a brand new era of her life — it's good to know she has people rooting for her on the journey.