3 Magical Makeup Looks For A Quidditch Tournament

I grew up with the Harry Potter franchise; when I was in my early years at secondary school, Harry was enrolling in Hogwarts, and when I saw the final movie, I was just about to graduate university. I've been missing the escapades of Harry, Ron, and Hermione so much that I decided to conduct a Harry Potter makeup experiment, resulting in makeup looks for a Quidditch tournament.

I always yearned for that letter with the Hogwarts stamp being delivered to my door by owl but it never came. I think like most imaginative children, I dreamed that I belonged to a fantasy world and I would soon be called to action to save that world such as Serena from Sailor Moon. I made "potions" in my grandparents' garden consisting of old plastic bottles filled with flowers, dirt, and whatever else I could find and my dalmatian was no longer the family pet but my trusted familiar.

Fast forward to my adult life and there are a plethora of incredible, real life Harry Potter experiences one can embark upon. Quidditch is real (well, Muggle Quidditch), you can enroll in actual Hogwarts classes, or you can visit Ollivander's Wand Shop and discover the right wand for you.

So if you are also a massive Harry Potter geek looking for new makeup inspiration or perhaps you're going to attend your first Muggle Quidditch match, then here's your Quidditch makeup look sorted. As I have mentioned previously, I am no makeup artist, but I enjoy experimenting with makeup. Think of this as a "how to" for the makeup enthusiast and Harry Potter fan.


First off I followed my normal skincare regime to create a base for my Quidditch supporter looks. I used Nivea moisturizer, applied Bourjouis Healthy Mix Foundation in “Vanilla,” added a few strokes of Bourjois blush “Rose Frisson," lined my eyebrows, and finally applied Lush mascara "Eyes Right."

I made sure I was wearing my Harry Potter Hogwarts' crest tee to get my head in the game.

The Nimbus 2000 Look

I wanted this look to be the most subtle of the three and quite a glamorous one. I started by lining my top lids with a black liquid eyeliner and adding a flick to either end. I used a thrifty one by Body Collection. I always draw my flicks downwards starting from the point as it enables you to make them more even.

I then used a black kohl eyeliner for the bottom lash line, this one was another thrifty purchase by a brand called Laval. I often find that for makeup basics (especially kohl eyeliner), cheap ones work just as well as popular makeup brands. I lined about a third of the way across in order to exaggerate my eyes and allow the focus to be on the winged flicks.

For the next part, I drew a small Nimbus 2000 broomstick (very badly) around my right eye — I'm sure yours will be much better. I chose this particular broomstick model as it was the first broomstick that Harry ever owned and was gifted to him by Professor McGonagall at the start of his Quidditch career.

I added a red eyeshadow from my “Brights Eyeshadows” palette by Technic to the broom and a golden L’Oréal Paris Color Riche eyeshadow in “Nude” around the "go faster" lines I had drawn to symbolize the broom's magic. I used red and gold as these are the Gryffindor House colors and obviously everyone wants to be a Gryffindor.

I applied a Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in "Diva Red" to give this look a sprinkling of sass while also sticking to the Gryffindor House colors to complete this look.

The Golden Snitch Look

To start, I used my aforementioned liquid eyeliner to line my top lashes and my kohl eyeliner to line my lower lashes. I tend to stay away from using liquid eyeliner on my bottom lashes because it makes my eyes water and then gets everywhere. I lined my eyes all the way around to add a spherical "Snitch" feel to them.

I then used my golden hued L’Oréal Paris Color Riche eyeshadow and brushed it right up to my brow and around the corners of my eyes to highlight them.

I have an obsession with sticking things on my face and I wanted to portray the fact that the Golden Snitch is usually caught by the star player, so what better way to show this than by using gold star stickers? When the Seeker catches the Snitch, it immediately ends the game and the player who caught it receives 150 points for their team. Thus, some see it as the most important ball in the game.

I started by creating a line of gold star stickers at the "beginning" of my eyebrow which is closest to my nose. I then proceeded to layer the next star on top of the previous star to create a sort of star rainbow.

To finish off, I wanted metallic lips to match, so I mixed eyeshadow with lipstick to create this metallic shade. I used the same eyeshadow I had used on my eyes with a light pink Collection 2000 Volume Sensation lipstick in “Perfect Pink.”

The House Scarf Look

The last look I wanted to try was a makeup look based on the Hogwarts House Teams' colors. I was inspired by the stripy scarves that the students wore in support of their teams, which contain their House Team's colors. I decided to choose Slytherin to base this look on, as they are the one team that many of us love to hate and they feature heavily in the Harry Potter franchise due to Harry's enemy Draco Malfoy being a Slytherin member.

Slytherin House's colors are green and silver. Therefore, I started by using a green eyeshadow from my aforementioned Technic palette and created vertical stripes that encompassed my eyebrows.

Next I filled in the gaps with a silver Bourjois Ombre à Paupières eyeshadow in “Argent.” I frequently wet my applicator to create a strongly pigmented shade. I highlighted the inner corners of my eye. I also went over the green as it was not as pigmented as the silver eyeshadow and it was becoming a little lost.

After this, I drew a small symbol of a snake near my right eye to symbolize Slytherin's House animal.

To complete this look, I mixed together the green eyeshadow with my pale pink lipstick to create a perfectly matching, serpentine shade.

I couldn't resist pulling a mean Slytherin stare! This look could be adapted for all of the houses. You would just change the color way to suit the colors of your favorite house and replace the snake with a relevant animal or animal appendage, e.g. a raven's claw or a wing for Ravenclaw.

Have fun at your Quidditch match and cheer on your team in style!

Images: Phoebe Waller; Giphy