'Inside Amy Schumer' Comedian Nikki Glaser Gets Her Own Show & It's Good News For Female Comedians Everywhere

Good news for anyone who's a fan of funny women finding well-earned success. Deadline reports that Comedy Central is giving Inside Amy Schumer alum Nikki Glaser her own show, due out in 2016. The show, titled Not Safe With Nikki Glaser, will feature Glaser performing a mix of stand up, sketches, and "social experiments," with a heavy focus on sexuality and gender roles. Additionally, Glaser will get her own hour-long stand up special. With the massive success of Inside Amy Schumer, it seems like Comedy Central has realized that audiences do like funny ladies, and hopefully this announcement is only the beginning of much more female-centric programming. "I’m deeply touched that Comedy Central has decided to fulfill my dream of hosting a comedy show about sex. My parents are very proud (of my sister, who is a teacher)," said Glaser.

It's actually been a big week for Glaser, in general. Long-time friend and collaborator to Amy Schumer, Glaser not only made her fifth appearance on Schumer's iconic sketch series last week, but also stopped by The Bachelorette to judge the bachelors in a stand-up contest alongside Schumer. She's slated to appear in Schumer's upcoming Judd Apatow-directed Trainwreck, and, now that she's got her own show, it seems like her star is on the rise.

This is as much a sign of the changing tide for women in entertainment as it is a testament to the newfound ability of Schumer to launch careers. Inside Amy Schumer has always been good, but this season has reached new peaks of greatness. Whether it's the Tina Fey guest spot, the Bill Cosby rant, or the warped parody of Friday Night Lights, nearly every episode of this season has had some sketch go viral and break the Internet with it's brilliance. People are truly starting to take notice, so it's no surprise that Glaser's attachment to the show has led to such an awesome break in her own career.

Given that IAS has a lot of extremely talented women attached to it, one can only hope that the likes of Bridget Everett or Marina Franklin will also find that level of success soon.

Even more exciting is that Glaser's show is designed to instigate a conversation about sex. Of course, Schumer's show is no stranger to the subject, but Glaser and Comedy Central seem determined to go even further down that sociological rabbit hole, specifically incorporating audience members' sexual experiences into the show. In the maelstrom of male-dominated programming, any show featuring talented, bold, self-possessed women is an advancement, and I can't wait to see it.

Images: MTV