'Finding Carter' Theory: Will Crash Hurt Max When He Finds Out About Max And Carter's Hookup?

Carter's love life is almost as messy as her family life these days, and it's all because of one major error in judgement. Carter and Max hooked up after Carter was feeling particularly vulnerable following a visit to Lori, and that's one secret that could potentially destroy every relationship that they have. We know that Taylor won't be too pleased with the situation from the Finding Carter midseason trailer (and also from, you know, common sense about your twin having sex with your one true love) but there's one more person whom Carter and Max may have to answer to. The midseason trailer shows the return of a military-made Crash, and while he may be a changed man, I'm not so sure he's changed all that much. Max could still be in danger when it comes to Crash.

Crash has a lot of issues, some of which led to him accidentally shooting Max while trying to rob his convenience store. Since coming back into Carter's life, he appears to be a changed man, even escaping his drug-dealing uncle by joining the armed forces. Something about this snappy transition felt a little false to me — after all, we said goodbye to shady Crash mere weeks before he left for the military. Now, the new promo for Finding Carter has given me a reason not to jump on the "Crash and Carter forever" bandwagon, and it could have everything to do with this:


In the midseason trailer, we see Elizabeth chasing after someone when she stops and apprehends a suspect. She then calls out a name: "Crash!" It's unclear in the trailer if she's calling out to Crash for help, or if she's trying to find him because she's going to apprehend him next. Let's imagine it's the former for a second. That means that Crash has done something worthy of a cop's attention yet again, and It's possible that it could be assaulting Max.

In the same trailer, we see Crash come to Carter's house and confess his love to her. That's actually right before the scene cuts to this one with Elizabeth. Is that a coincidence? I'm not so sure. Maybe Carter took that opportunity to confess her guilt about hooking up with Max to Crash, and he did not take it nearly as well as she expected. Crash might feel just as betrayed as Taylor — not only does he love Carter, but he also got really close to Max after the whole "sorry I shot you bro" incident.

I've never been the biggest Crash fan (and I certainly don't ship CarCrash) but I do hope that Crash doesn't slip completely into his old ways and really go after Max. Max screwed up by getting it on with Carter, but he definitely doesn't deserve to get shot again.

Check out the midseason trailer below:

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