Rita Ora's "Poison" Teasers Reveal A Lot About The Video, So Here Are 3 Possible Theories — PHOTOS

In a short amount of time, Rita Ora has gone from promising to deliver a lethal substance to a no-good guy in Iggy Azalea's song "Black Widow" to welcoming a dose of poison with open arms. While that scenario makes the 24-year-old singer sound like the crazed subject of an episode of Snapped, it's actually straight from the lyrics of Ora's new song "Poison." In the newly released track, the British pop star is literally crazy in love as she sings, “I pick my poison and it’s you/Nothing could kill me like you do/You’re going straight to my head/And I’m heading straight for the edge.” If those lyrics don’t paint a vivid enough picture of what it feels like to fall for the wrong guy (because honestly, comparing him to poison doesn’t make him sound like much of a catch), then you’re in luck, because, on Monday, Ora teased the “Poison” video on Twitter, and I have a few theories about what the final cut may entail.

Now my thoughts about what the “Poison” video will look like are strictly based off the three photos Ora shared online and my overactive imagination, combined with the information I gathered from the song lyrics. That said, I’m not willing to put any money on these guesses, so don’t hold it against me if you watch the video when it premieres on Wednesday and find that it’s nowhere near what I’m about to outline.

So here goes.

Photo #1:

Hm, something tells me that this black and white latex short set is part of a setup for a scene that's ripe with teasing. I envision Ora walking around the object of her affection, as he sits in a chair taking in her sexy sauntering, while threatening to give her that poison she so desperately craves. Oof, that sort of sounds like a line out of a corny romance novel, so I'll stop there.

Photo #2:

Based on the fact that Ora is rocking a David Bowie tee and holding up the middle finger, I see this as part of a rebellious, wild performance scene where she rocks out on stage, pouring her heart out about this newfound love that has her wanting to drink beer for breakfast.

Photo #3:

Clearly, this is the part where the lights dim and smoke magically drifts away from the camera as Ora prepares to devour a guy like a black widow (baby). The look on her face, the extended tongue, the messy hair and the obvious state of undress tell me all I need to know about this scene.

I know, guys — I should've been a video director, right? Or not. Oh well, a career behind the camera may not be in my future, but at least I can look forward to the full version of the "Poison" video.