7 Outfits Lady Gaga And Her Dog Asia Kinney Must Include In Their Doggie Fashion Line

If you haven't heard yet, Lady Gaga's dog, Asia Kinney, is set to launch a doggie-inspired fashion line with the help her totally stylish and famous owner. For dog lovers and parents everywhere, that's some pretty exciting news — because now not only will our pets get to experience us rocking out to Lady Gaga's tunes, but they'll also get to sport some adorable pet garb themselves!

There have always been dogs in my family, and I've learned from my parents (my mother, especially) that the only way to treat a dog is to treat them like they are people! I grew up calling our family pets my "brothers and sisters," and it's something we've still kept going in my family to this day.

So what better way to pamper your puppy than to dress them like the inner rock star that they are! I'm hoping that Asia Kinney, the French Bulldog that's sure to make a splash in the fashion world, gets inspiration from her sometimes outlandish but truly artistic owner to give doggies everywhere some serious style envy!

From recreating some of Lady Gaga's looks to making some more traditional doggie fashions, I've put together a list of the looks I'm dying to see in Asia Kinney's collection.

1. Lady Gaga's 2010 Grammy's Dress


Like the pure star Gaga is as portrayed in this dress, I'd love to see Asia Kinney recreate a doggie version of this outfit to pay tribute to her star of an owner. Hey, who said fashion had to be practical anyway?

2. Doggie Sophistication

If this is any hint as to the type of styles we'll see from Miss Asia Kinney, then we're totally in for a treat. She's got to produce this style for all the other doggies out there to wear! And I'm hoping that there are extended sizes for the bigger dogs of the world.

3. Cowgirl Outfit

The cowgirl outfit is as classic as it can get for doggie fashion, and I would love to see a fab-ed out version from Asia Kinney, complete with doggy pleather, hopefully!

4. Haute Couture

Haute Couture for dogs would be a riot! She could even do some recreations of top designers' best looks each season. O.M.G., I think I can see a New York Doggie Fashion Week coming now, too!

5. Festival Style

If we can't get enough of fringe, crochet, and denim, then of course our pets could use a little summer fashion inspiration — especially when we take them with us on our favorite summer concert festival trips.

6. Graphic Tees

Dogs have plenty to say, too, and statement t-shirts are pretty much perfect for our little feisty pets. Seems like Asia Kinney has a lot to say about the way her clothes are made, too, with her skin and food allergies. So t-shirts would be a great platform for these sort of doggie issues.

7. The Nautical Trend

For all those skippers out on the sea, doggies who love to be with their boat-loving owners need to keep in fashion with the nautical trend that's still ripe for this season. Red, white, and blues will be great for those July 4th celebrations, too. Perhaps Asia Kinney has a sailor side we don't know about yet.

Images: ladygaga, snowmanyu, socalplaypals/Instagram, spinooti, BARKATL, PeggyBinette/Twitter