11 Caroline Forbes Quotes From 'The Vampire Diaries' That Are Perfect For Every Part Of Your Life

Sometimes you never truly appreciate how great something is until you take a step back and admire the whole picture. It's an important lesson and one that I was only just recently reminded of. You see, a few weeks ago I decided to go back and marathon The Vampire Diaries , hoping that it would help to quench my Mystic Falls thirst throughout this summer-long hiatus. Not only did it help me recall just how great all of those Delena and Klaroline scenes really were, but it also made me realize just how much I love TVD 's fiercely feminist vampire Caroline Forbes, who has gone through the biggest (and most positive) transformation by far of any character on this show. And, I'm not just talking about her physical transformation of becoming a vampire.

You may not remember that far back, but once upon a time Caroline wasn't nearly as likable as she is now. At first, the writers tried to portray her as an annoying busy-body more so than anything else. But, as the seasons progressed, so did she, which allowed her to grow into the compelling character she is today. Don't let the fact that she has supernatural strength and speed (not to mention that pesky bloodlust) fool you — underneath those fangs and gorgeous blonde locks lies the un-beating heart of someone who is still extremely relatable to us mere mortals. And, to prove as much, here are 11 of the best Caroline Forbes quotes that can perfectly sum up some of your very own real-life situations.

1. When Your Ex Walks Into The Room

And keep them coming!

2. When A Late Night Craving Gets The Best Of You

And who cares? It's just sooo good.

3. When An Old Flame Drunk Dials You

You are so not in the mood to deal with it.

4. When The Delivery Guy Messes Up Your Pizza Order

Preach, my friend. PREACH!

5. When Your Crush Gives You The Cold Shoulder

Sometimes the dating game can seem like one big practical joke.

6. When Others Expect You To Conform

You aren't ashamed of your own individuality. You embrace it.

7. When Your Roommate Changes The Channel Right In The Middle Of Your Favorite Show

She's now your ex-roommate.

8. When You Accidentally Damage Your iPhone & Beg For A Refund

I'll do better next time. I swear!

9. When Your BFF Betrays Your Confidence

Not cool, my friend. Not cool at all.

10. When You Find Out Your Favorite Show Has Been Canceled

No words can properly express the pain that you feel.

11. Whenever You've Experienced The Horrors Of Catcalling

Bless you, Caroline. You are a true inspiration to us all.

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