9 Mildly Interesting Photos That Aren't Going To Change Your Life Or Anything, But They're Cool, I Guess — PHOTOS

I am always pro integrity. It's very rare that I will be so ridiculously excited about images that kind of suck. For every hilarious video that circulates, we also have a lot of weird viral images, tweets and videos roaming around the Internet. Like, how is it possible that people can be overly stoked about making your selfies 3D? And I'm still confused as to why people couldn't stop tweeting about the Charlie Charlie Challenge craze or how weird, creepy videos can get millions of views on YouTube. Anyway, we found several mildly interesting photos because you can always count on Reddit to be brutally honest.

The photos can really only be described as kinda cool. They are not awesome. They aren't fabulous, or extraordinary, or break the Internet material. They make for an average, somewhat entertaining viewing experience. Like watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days for the 12th time. Much like watching a butterfly in June, or the month before an anniversary or milestone, they're alright but not shocking. They're perfectly pleasant, but nothing more.

So, if you're having an aggressively average day and don't want to have an elaborate reaction to anything right now, join me on this journey. It won't be bland, but it's not going to be a well-seasoned experience either.

Here are 10 mildly interesting photos that won't change your life:

This wine bottle has a fire breathing dragon on it


Cool? Yes. Life changing? No.

Wireless chargers are showing up at coffee shops


DUDE, so sick 'cause the Starbucks by me has those too. Do they work at your Starbucks? No? They don't work at mine either. How average.

This potato chip is flipping off this guy


Not something to call home about, but worth posting on Imgur.

Rainbow cloud


For the 80th time, your pictures from the plane aren't Insta-worthy.

Tea pile has Superhero-like tendencies


I'm sorry but this is an aggressively unviral picture.

Grammar mistakes at chain restaurants are still a thing


Actually, in the spirit of honesty, I'd probably click on a compilation post of grammar mistakes that our favorite chain restaurants make.

This piano is also a bar


There's definitely a Billy Joel reference I'm missing here...

Dehydration Urine Color Charts


LOL at this being hung in the workplace though.

This dog's hair in water


Knowing the Internet, this probably has viral potential. It's just one of those picture I want to keep looking at.

Images: Getty Images; Imgur (9)