What Would Ed Sheeran & Meghan Trainor's Prom Date Be Like? Probably A Little Something Like This

So many of my celebrity couple dreams came true Tuesday when Ed Sheeran said he'd take Meghan Trainor to prom if he had the chance. Seeing as I'm a big believer that he and Taylor Swift should just stay friends, I'm definitely open to this dream scenario of a Sheeran/Trainor coupling. But first, let's let Sheeran explain why he chose the "Dear Future Husband" singer:

"I think she'd be fun," he told 92.3 AMP Radio when asked who he'd want to accompany him to prom. (If Trainor's music videos are any indication, I totally agree.)

While the prom in question is unfortunately just a fictional event — both are well out of high school and in their 20s — I still think it would be awesome for these singer-songwriters to hit the town together. They're both high on my list of Amazing People I Want to Hang Out With ASAP, and putting them in the same limo can only lead to the coolest party ever. (Besides, Trainor herself said she doesn't like Tinder, so Sheeran stepping in as her prom date makes things simply awesome.)

In the spirit of prom season (and my wishful thinking), I envisioned exactly what would happen if Sheeran took Trainor to the dance. Here's seven very real scenarios that came to mind. (And, yes, Sheeran rapping is definitely involved.)

Trainor Would Rock A Vintage Dress

Trainor's style is colorful and often retro-inspired. Her prom fashion would be so on point.

Sheeran Would Totally Rap

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Sheeran is known for his flawless rapping skills. I'd love to hear him perform any number of his songs, but let's be honest: I'd melt if he rapped about the contents of my trash can.

Trainor Would Ensure Everyone Had A Fun Night

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Her music videos are infectious and fun, so her presence would totally be the same.

Sheeran Would Show Off His "Thinking Out Loud" Moves

All of those slick ballroom dance moves shouldn't go to waste.

Taylor Swift Might Show Up

When describing what it would be like to take Trainor to prom, Sheeran told 92.3 AMP Radio that Swift would definitely be present. I'm holding him to his word.

There Would Be a Massive Afterparty

How could there not be a massive afterparty?!

The Night Could Inspire A Massive Hit

Trainor and Sheeran are super-talented songwriters who bring real-life experiences to life. Maybe their fictitious prom would inspire an epic collaboration!

Images: bewilderedx/Tumblr; Giphy (4)