Olivia Palermo’s Smokin’ Husband Johannes Huebl Has Some Summer Fashion Tips For You

After wearing shorts to her wedding, Olivia Palermo proved she clearly knew a thing or two about style. But after a recent interview with PopSugar, I’m beginning to think Palermo’s husband Johannes Huebl might know even more. Huebl shared his fashion tips for ladies this summer (and how to change up your man’s wardrobe), and it’s all totally on point and a half.

’m willing trust Huebl’s advice, as this male model has proven time and again how impeccably masculine-chic his clothing choices are. Plus, how often does the chance to get legit fashion advice from a hot straight guy come around? Not often my friends, not often.

When asked about what to wear on a date night, Huebl suggests “a nice dress. [Olivia] wore something really nice the other day when she left the house. It was pinstripe, but it was a Dior blouse dress. That looked really sexy. Elegant sexy." Excuse me while I learn 6 ways to choose the right summer party dress asap.

As far as how to maybe help your guy improve his style, Huebl recommends addressing the topic delicately. He said, “I would do a slow approach … Some men are really opposed to dressing up or just don't want to draw attention to themselves — too shy, or whatever. And always listen to if they feel comfortable or not, because a woman wouldn't want to be pressed into outfits that she don't feel comfortable in."

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To learn more about Huebl and see is fashion in action, get this model’s deets here.