Independent? Marry Yourself for $300

It happens every year: It's winter, and it's freezing. Your summer fling dons a plaid shirt and curls up with you by the roaring fire... Or, in real life, you mourn your short-lived summer sexcapade, and the only person wearing a plaid shirt and keeping you warm is the middle-aged landlord who comes over to reset the boiler. But at some point, to maintain some dignity, we all have to snap out of it: We are smart, savvy, witty women! We don't define our success by our life partners! There are those days at work when everything goes right, and you've got those jeans on you feel great in, and you can pay your own bar tab without cringing, and you look at yourself all on top of the freaking world, and you're like "GOD, I wish I could just marry myself."

Now. You. Can.

For just $300, which is about the price of the 30 bottles of red wine that would get you through the holiday season, you can marry yourself! In the kit, you get a 14k gold (rose, white or yellow) or a silver wedding band, some daily affirmations, and some pre-written vows, because sometimes you just love yourself so much you can't even begin to put it into words, really.

Now-married couple Jeffrey and Bonnie started the IMarriedMe project, currently fundraising on Indiegogo, after Bonnie's mom died of cancer. Before marrying each other, they first decided to "honor themselves by looking within." So for Bonnie's birthday party, they whipped up some rings and had everyone take part in a self-wedding.

Why do it? Well, say Jeff and Bonnie:

  • "1. This is a live-like-you-mean-it moment that can be celebrated alone or with others who recognize the need for the love of self. We are, after all, fabulous!
  • 2. Because love is contagious.
  • 3. Inner peace makes for more balanced citizens and more compassionate communities. Save the planet!"

We're not sure what saving the planet has to do with affirming your self-esteem via a circular piece of metal ("Jeffrey has been a jewelry designer for over 30 years and he understands the potency of symbolism"), but maybe you'll feel so good you'll plant a tree or something.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, marrying yourself is legal — in certain states. That said, it's not a great idea to list yourself as a co-signer on a loan. But for a generation of Millennials who are overworked, underpaid, and loveless, it could be a little boost of self-esteem and re-affirmation. Or it could play right into our narcissism, with lots of the hipsters soon sporting the band. Ironically.

But Jeffrey and Bonnie insist:

A self-wedding is a symbolic ceremony–about staying connected or reconnected with you. Wear the ring to remind you every day of the simplest thing you can do to make for a happier, more content life: LOVE YOURSELF. Come on, join us!!

But maybe — maybe — you don't have to pay $300 to recognize how awesome you are, after all. Because it's not the ring itself that matters, but the thought behind it.