Doug The Pug Recreates Kim Kardashian's Selfies

Here is the most internet sentence you will read today: Doug the Pug recreated Kim Kardashian's selfies. It was everything you could hope the internet would bring you, so thanks Mashable, for making this happen and burning it into our brains forever. It's been a big week for Kim K: Not only did she announce that North West is getting a sibling, but her touching reaction to Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover has been recorded nonstop. And now, to top it off, Doug the Pug is posing for her selfies. And while we should probably give Kim a well-deserved break, I have to admit the recreations are pretty hilarious.

Let's do a side-by-side comparison of Kim's week and Doug's week. Doug the Pug, an Instagram famous dog with 292,000 followers, is not pregnant. He has spent most of his week relaxing in Nashville, making those infamous pug breathing noises, eating, napping and stretching. He has probably not been there for any family members, nor did he recently celebrate his one year anniversary with Kanye. So, I'm not really sure where he gets off imitating Kim Kardashian. (Perhaps he was inspired because she is also in Nashville this week?) But he's a dog, so let's not lose any sleep over it.

Before I introduce these photos let's just all have a moment of silence for the pug who endured being dressed up in a lace thong (that he pulled off, by the way).

... ... ...

Okay, moment's over. Here are the pictures:

Nailed the sultry look.

They've both been working out.

Two a$$es that could easily break the Internet. Find the full photo shoot on Mashable.

Here's a look at their behind the scenes work:

Now go channel your inner Kardashian and take a rival selfie.

Images: Courtesy of Mashable